That day, the haze situation in Sibu got real bad and the API (Air Pollution Index) went up to over 200 which, of course, meant that the schools here would be closed and the pupils and teachers could stay at home. My girl, however, insisted on going to school to see that everything was all right before going home.

Well, I, for one, had no intention of going home myself first and driving back all the way to the school later to pick her  so I went to the canteen

Laudato Si' Canteen

…next door in the same compound as the school and the cathedral for breakfast and to wait for her.

I had their tomato kway teow

Tomato kway teow

…which was quite good, RM3.30 only a plate. Their kway teow, wet is RM3.00 and one would have to fork out an extra 30 sen for the tomato sauce. That is indeed very cheap as the standard price at most places for fried noodles would be at least, RM4.00 and very often, more.

Things here are generally cheaper than elsewhere as it is a church-run eatery and the workers are all volunteers from among the congregation. One would be able to see the ladies making the steamed paos after they had close for the day – they are selling those at RM1.30 only, RM2.00-2.20 elsewhere and their kopi-o-peng is only RM1.20 a glass, usually around RM1.80 elsewhere.

The tao sar peah made by somebody in Bintangor is only 80 sen each and I’ve bought that a few times already. They are also selling pulut panggang and somebody told me that theirs were very good. I wanted to buy some to try but usually when I dropped by at around/after lunchtime, they were all sold out.

I did manage to grab a few…

Pulut panggang

…that morning, RM1.00 each so this is one thing there that is not cheaper than elsewhere.

This is an environment-friendly place so you will not get anything that you buy in a plastic bag, no drinking straws will be given to you with your drinks and if you want to tapao any food home, you have to bring your own containers or tiffin carriers. Other than that, you are not allowed to smoke in the canteen nor in the compound all around the building. If you must do so, you will have to walk to the main road outside.

I tried one…

Pulut panggang, inside

…of the pulut panggang when I got home but no, it was not panggang-ed enough so it lacked the fragrance and it was not lemak enough for want of more santan/coconut milk. It definitely is not the best but to be fair, it isn’t the worst either. Whatever it is, one thing’s for sure, you will not catch me going back for more.

LAUDATO SI’ CANTEEN (2.287269, 111.832115) is located in what was previously known as the Catholic Centre in the compound of the Sacred Heart Cathedral, Jalan Lanang and St Rita’s Primary School, Jalan Bukit Assek.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

11 thoughts on “Haze…”

  1. Any liew in the tomato kway teow since the price is so cheap? The canteen has to cater to students and staff from nearby school that is why the prices are so affordable.

    Pretty much the same as everywhere else – bits of meat and green vegetables, can’t expect too much – it’s just SGD1! Dunno why the Bishop set up this place but I do know that he insists on all those things pertaining to saving the environment, including switching off the car engine while waiting for somebody – I think that’s one of the Pope’s current focus.

  2. So cheap. Over here, where can one find RM3.30 for a plate of tomato kway teow. Mostly prices ranges at least from RM5-6 for a plate of tomato kway teow or mee.

    Yes, I paid that much for the crispy tomato mee that I had in Kuching that day but there were a couple of prawns, more ingredients than what we have here.

  3. RM3.30 for the tomato kway teow?? Cheap!!!

    I like the idea of environmental friendly. Kudos to them for keeping such gestures. Once a while I also bring my own tiffin to tapau dishes. Otherwise everytime I need to pour the dishes from the plastic bags or plastic comtainers to plates and dispose them.

    Yes, problem is I always forget so so far I have not bought anything from there yet. Chap fan selections look very nice, lots of customers there around lunch time.

  4. it’s a relief that the haze has mostly gone away – wonder if it’s too much to hope that it will never return, not even in a few years 🙂

    It will be back, this time next year! How serious it will be will depend on the weather at the time. Hope it will not be too dry for a prolonged period of time.

  5. That tomato kuey teow is really cheap and it looks good too.
    Yes, my boys got 3 days of ‘holidays’ due to the hazy condition. Thank goodness UPSR had just concluded by then.

    Indeed, not interrupted. Would be such a mess. What plans for the long Deepavali weekend? Come over to Sibu?

  6. Yum! That tomato kuwy teow sure looks good and wow, only RM3.30! The pulut panggang I had back in Terengganu a few years back were also quite disappointing. Not good like the time when I was little.

    We still have some nice ones here but one must know where to buy. Most are not worth the calories.

  7. Love that they don’t use plastic. A place worth supporting!

    Yes, their efforts for the sake of the environment should get everyone’s double thumbs up. Somebody has got to start…somewhere.

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