Nice place…

That night, after our dinner here, we adjourned to this place…

L A Cafe

…which is further in among the blocks of shops right across the road next door to this coffee shop that we have been to quite a few times before.

It’s a very nice, quiet place…

Nice place

…or at least it was when we were there that night, opens daily from 10 to 10 except Sundays…

Business hours

…and you have a choice to sit inside…


…or outside…


Of course, we chose to sit inside especially when it was so very hot around that time plus we did not want to be exposed to the choking discomfort of the horrendous haze and I loved how the air-conditioning was so very cold inside plus I liked the soft relaxing piano music they were playing.

I think this place is listed as a bubble tea place but no, thank you. I am not into those but one can pick from a wide range of teas available here and there is a choice of coffees on their menu too. Food items are quite limited – there are only a few items that you can choose from but I did hear that some of them are quite nice.

It would be a great place to hang out with friends around teatime to sit and chat and it would be nice if, other than just cakes, they could have some light snacks like sandwiches or local nyonya delights like ang koo koi – perhaps they could get somebody to supply these and they can sell them for a little profit, just a little.

We had just had dinner before we dropped by so we did not want anything, just a slice of their white chocolate cheesecake…

White chocolate cheesecake

…to share – I think this slice was around RM7.00 after the 15% discount they were giving at that point in time but in actual fact, it was my girl who wanted to come here that night because she had their yogurt ice cream (RM6.90)…

Yogurt ice cream

…before and she loved it so much that she wanted it for dessert.

I ordered one for myself but no, I am no fan of yogurt nor am I into anything sour so I don’t think I will order that again the next time we drop by here.

L A CAFE (2.297450, 111.824229) is located at No.29, Ground Floor, Lane 1, Jalan Tun Abg Hj Openg.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “Nice place…”

  1. Oh my, I am a cheese person and will definitely love the white chocolate cheesecake but no thanks to the yogurt ice cream.

    My! I’m surprised. Yougurt has a lot of health benefits – I thought you would be very much into it. I’m not a fan as it is sour and an acquired taste. Don’t mind it in cooking though – Payung has a lot of dishes with yogurt in place of milk or santan, the Indian influence.

  2. Indeed it does look like a very nice place to stop by for cakes and such. The cakes and frozen yogurt are definitely more affordable than the ones over here.

    It is. I sure would not mind meeting friends there to chit chat, very comfortable place + easy parking and it is free!

  3. The cake is cheap compared to Ipoh ones here… and looks good too! Now the meal is complete! LOL…

    Yes, with the dessert thrown in! LOL!!!

  4. the cake looks tempting to me cos i looooove white chocolate … but i also love cool, refreshing desserts, so the frozen yogurt also is super-appealing. how do i choose??? 😀

    Tiru macam saya, have both!!! LOL!!!

  5. The white chocolate cheesecake and yogurt ice cream definitely for me cos i am a fan of white chocolate and yogurt.

    Sure would appeal to the young and trendy.

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