Always on my mind…

A foodie friend of mine shares photos on Facebook and Instagram of what he eats here…

Pualu Babi *Archive photo*

…at Stall No. 13…

Stall No. 13

…ever so often so of course, the thought of stopping by to try was always on my mind.

The problem is parking around here is a real pain unless you go at the break of dawn…like me, after dropping my girl off at school. Unfortunately, they do not open so early and so far, I only saw the stall open once and when I went to ask, I was told they were not quite ready yet.

That was why when my good friend/ex-classmate, Robert, called me that day and for no apparent reason, invited me to dinner here, I accepted right away without a second thought.

These prawns…


…just came in that afternoon and were super fresh. That serving was HUGE and I sure feasted on a lot of the crustaceans, so succulent and sweet but I was a little bit worried – would I succumb to a gout attack after that? Thankfully, nothing of the sort happened and I was not made to pay for my sinful indulgence! LOL!!!

The dishes here were more like home cooking – I liked the mixed vegetables with bean curd sticks…


…and the ladies’ fingers…

Ladies fingers

…though I must say that was the first time I had seen it cut that way.

Robert also asked for these two dishes from their chap fan (mixed rice) selections, the pork cooked with fermented beans…

Pork 1

…but between the two, I prefer this one – the pork belly with mui choy (梅菜焖猪肉)…

Pork 2

My girl loved the steamed fish…


She passed a remark as to why they could always steam fish so well outside and when we did our own at home, it was never so nice. Hmmm!!! They said that it was some freshwater river fish but they never mentioned the name.

It turned out that the guy doing the cooking was my ex-student, Form 5 1992, the year when I had just joined the school where I retired in 2007. I don’t remember teaching him though but he knew me and he knew my name.

He sure had a following – there was quite a crowd there that night and I heard that it would be like that every night except Tuesdays and Thursdays. They are closed on those two days – I heard them saying something about them going jogging on those two nights. Hmmm…no, thank you! LOL!!!

Well, it sure looks like parking is a breeze at night, Sunday nights especially, so chances are we will be dropping by here again.

KHOO PENG LOONG FOOD GARDEN (2.286751, 111.827785) is located along Jalan Khoo Peng Loong, commonly known around here as Pulau Babi, facing the former express boats wharf where the one I took from Kanowit in the late 70’s and early 80’s would berth.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “Always on my mind…”

  1. Every dish looks good and in huge portion. Also my first time seeing ladies fingers cut and stir fry in this way, sprinkle with sesame seeds instead of belacan.

    My first time too. Very plain, very simple but I loved it. Could taste the sweetness of the vegetable, not drowned out by the belacan.

  2. The ladies fingers were rendered unrecognizable! I heard from someone that the steamed fish at restaurants aren’t really steamed. Apparently they dunk the fish in boiling water and then arrange the fish on a platter with all the sauces and garnishing and serve! I don’t know how true that is.

    Maybe? I’ve seen them pouring all the water from the steamed fish…over the edge of the rubbish bin, at one place. I wonder what they would do if the fish fell in. LOL!!! What I do know is at the most popular fish head curry place here, they steam the fish first…and then pour the curry gravy and everything over it and serve. The fish must be really fresh and sweet to do it this way.

  3. I feel like East Malaysia always have the best prawns!

    Sabah, yes! The main towns and cities are all by the sea. Sibu is further inland, we get our seafood from Mukah, a few hours away by road.

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