I apologize…

Here, I would like to apologize to all those who got in touch with me to invite me out during my brief stay in Kuching. I was there for the sole intention of attending my ex-Kanowit student’s daughter’s wedding and over those few days, to have a reunion of sorts with the classmates who were able to be present.

I was able to go for lunch with my cousins upon my arrival in the city and dinner with my aunt and her family that first night in Kuching. Other than that, on the final night, Saturday, I managed to go out with a very old friend, his parents were friends of my parents too. It was his birthday before I flew over so I sent him a birthday message. He replied saying that he would be in Sibu in a couple of weeks and if we could, perhaps we could meet for dinner or something.

I told him that I would be in Kuching over the next few days and right away, he asked me when I would be free. I did not know what my ex-students had planned then so I said I was not able to commit but he tentatively picked Saturday night and we would confirm it later.

It turned out that there was nothing on that night so we ended up here for dinner. There was another restaurant here before, a certain Mr. Ho, a West Malaysian franchise and we ate there once and quite liked the food but it looked like they had called it a day or moved elsewhere.

We shared the Gana Club salad (RM15.00)…


…which was all right and my friend had their chicken cutlet with barbacue sauce (RM19.00)…


…and he did not say anything so I guess it was all right too.

I picked the Argentise lamb (Argentine chimchurri) served with homemade Argentine sauce (RM32.00)…


…or at least, that was what it said on the menu and I thought it sounded promising. Unfortunately, I did not think it was anything spectacular, a little on the tough side and quite a hassle to wrestle with it to get it off the bone

I liked the place though, not many customers and very quiet so we could chat to our heart’s content, no need to shout to be heard and service was great – the people were very nice especially the sweet girl who waited at our table. I would say it is a good place to meet friends for drinks and to talk.

I sure enjoyed chatting with my friend – both our parents were gone now and after all these years, there sure were a lot of things to catch up with in our lives, our families, our friends and memories of the good ol’ days a long long time ago to recall. Thanks so much, Jon, for the lovely evening – it sure was great to see you again.

GANA GARDEN BISTRO (1.551153, 110.369299) is  located at G02 Ground Floor, Crown Square Shopping Centre, Jalan Pending in Kuching.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “I apologize…”

  1. Good that you and Jon found a quiet restaurant to chit chat and catch up over tasty food. The salad looks delicious! The lamb too although the meat is on the tough side.

    Been a long time, glad to have had the opportunity.

  2. You sure had a packed schedule! The food looks very good but too bad the lamb chops were tough. I hate it when I am served tough meat 😦

    Yes, the name and description were so impressive on the menu, Argentinian, don’t play-play. I guess I got my hopes up too high so I was kind of disappointed by what came in the end.

  3. I like my lamb not too tough. Hard to chew. Lol.

    Havent been here. Too far some more. Lol.

    I think if it’s western you want, there are lots of others closer to you. Kuching, never short of nice places to eat.

  4. You are so loved that your presence is appreciated by many. Glad you found a nice place to catch up with your friend. I can’t imagine if it was in some noisy place and you two had to raise your voice to be heard.

    Yes, we were quite happy with the place – our priority would be to be able to talk and catch up with lost times, been so many years, so many stories to share. His mum and my mum were the best of friends, both gone now.

  5. i haven’t had dinner yet and am wondering what to eat – your chicken and lamb photos are tempting me to have something meaty! 🙂

    Hmmmmm!!! So what meat did you end up having? LOL!!!

  6. I hate noisy restaurants and places. Have to shout and raise our voices to be heard. Good that you found a cozy and quiet place to catch up with your friend, over delicious food. A pity the lamb turns out to be tough, i don’t like tough meat too, i have weak teeth lol.

    Most Chinese restaurants are noisy especially when they are packed like the first one I went to with my aunt and family on my first night in Kuching.

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