Left or right…

I do enjoy lek tao suan or split mung bean sweet soup (绿豆爽)very much but the only place where I could have that here in Sibu had since closed down.

I could recall walking past a stall once when I was in Kuching and I spotted a stall selling it. I made up my mind to have that on the way back but unfortunately, I walked round the blocks of shops and went back to the hotel using a different route and forgot all about it completely. Later, when I mentioned it to one of my cousins, she said she had that before and it was pretty good.

That was why when my cousin picked me up at the hotel that morning, I asked her to drive over to the place to see if it was still available there and indeed, it was…at a stall in front of the coffee shop on the left…

Yang Guan/Ang Hor

My cousin went to the one on the right – obviously she had something in mind so we had the lek tao suan

Lek tao suan

…sent over and yes, it was very good. I sure was glad to have had the opportunity to enjoy that this time around.

I saw some nyonya kuehs at that same stall, the kuih cangkeh

Kuih cangkih

…and the serimuka/kuih salat with black glutinous rice…


…but they were both very disappointing, not lemak at all and not anything I would want to have again.

My cousin wanted to go to the other coffee shop because she wanted the yong tofu

Yong tofu

…from the stall there and she also ordered this…

Ginger pork noodles

I couldn’t possibly eat anymore as I had had my breakfast earlier but I did try a piece of the meat and it was very very strong on the ginger and that was why it did not tickle my fancy – usually, I am not really into anything with a lot of ginger. I guess the noodles were tossed in the sauce so I don’t think this is one thing I would ever want to order for myself.

My cousin also tapaoed some stewed spare ribs from that same stall and I did try a bit – now, that was nice but no, I was way too full for that or anything else for that matter.

We left the place once we were done and she took me around the newer parts of the city, all the unfamiliar places and we even went to one of the malls until it was time for her to drop me off at the place where I was going to have my lunch – do come back tomorrow for that!

YANG GUAN CAFE 阳光茶室 and ANG HOR CAFE (1.553644, 110.354284) are located at Jalan Ban Hock, Kuching, among the shops across the road from Choon Hui Cafe but facing inside, not the latter nor the main road.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “Left or right…”

  1. There is stall selling lek tao suan opposite lau ya geng, near the temple at Carpenter Street, I like theirs. I doubt whether they are still selling there as I have not venture into that part of the town for as long as I can remember.

    Yes, somebody was telling me about that one – I did not see it when I was at Carpenter Street and I did not want to go back there again, not during this trip. Will look for it when I am in that area in December.

  2. Lek tau suan with yew tiaw. Yummy, good enough breakfast for me.

    Not for me, I need something more substantial. Didn’t ask for the yeu tiau because I had quite a lot already at Sin Poh Poh earlier and I also wanted to try the nyonya kuihs, so disappointing.

  3. Too bad the kueh were a let down. I was hoping they were good.

    They looked good. Same thing in Kuching as anywhere else – must know where to go for the really good ones, can’t just stop anywhere to buy and eat.

  4. OK I gotta make a trip to Sibu one of these days, love these old school dishes.

    This was in Kuching. You have not been following my blog, I see. Still a few more posts left on my Kuching trip.

  5. So nice to have your cousins taking you here and there to enjoy the local food! All looks good to me!

    Most important when going some place – to have people in the know to take you here and there. Can’t always rely on what you see online. Some have retarded taste buds! LOL!!! You have not told me when you will be going – maybe I can join you all and take you all around.

  6. gosh, it’s probably been more than 15 years since i’ve been to kuching – i guess the city would have changed a lot in that time 🙂

    Time to hop over again. My last two trips were short ones for a wedding and a funeral, did not get to go round much but since then, some 3 years or so, so much has changed in Kuching, so many new areas. Bustling city!

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