Narrow lanes…

The next morning after the night of the wedding banquet, my ex-student wanted to take me to his wife’s stall for breakfast again but I did not want that as I would want to explore all around to see if there was anything of interest that I would be able to blog about.

I remembered there was this narrow lane in Padungan, not far from this celebrated kolo mee place. Some guy was telling us that time that the kolo mee was just as good, maybe even nicer and one would not have to wait till like forever for it and I was thinking that morning that perhaps I could just stroll over there to look for it and give it a try.

I stumbled upon this one…


…and went in to look around.

I was taken by surprise when I saw this sign at the back…


I remember there was a coffee shop elsewhere that we went to once by that same name – they said the kampua mee or whatever was very nice but for reasons unknown, it looked like that place had closed down and everybody had moved here.

One thing that they have in Kuching and we cannot find in Sibu would be the crispy tomato sauce noodles and I simply must have a go at that before going home. That was why I went to this stall…

SIN POH POH fried noodles stall

…to order a plate – I think it was RM6 or was it 5, I can’t remember now…

Kuching crispy fried tomato noodles

It was nice but I thought what I had at the shop before looked a lot nicer. Ah well!!! At least I got to eat that while I was in Kuching – I wouldn’t know when I will have the next opportunity to enjoy it again.

Now, while I was there, I noticed that this stall…

SIN POH POH sio bee or koi stall

…was very popular – a lot of people were buying from them so I ordered some of the sio bee (meat dumplings), steamed and fried, and the or koi (fried yam cake), all RM1.00 each…

Sin Poh Poh sio bee or koi

…to try. They all turned out to be really very nice – the lady said she added prawns to the sio bee filling and the or koi was probably 90% yam, 10% flour. Both were so good that I simply had to buy 10 of each to take home to Sibu. The fried sio bee was good too but I decided I would leave it out this time around.

While I was there, one of my cousins contacted me and said she was on the way – I told her I would go back to the hotel first (to drop off my purchases) and I would wait for her there.

Sin Poh Poh Café 新寶寶茶室 (1.554600, 110.356619) is located at 174, Jalan Padungan in Kuching.

Author: suituapui

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10 thoughts on “Narrow lanes…”

  1. I seldom venture to that part of the town, very congested and parking is a headache. The only time I venture there was when I was craving for pork leg rice, a shop near to the Cat Statue.

    Perfectly o.k. in the morning, this was on Saturday. Song Kheng Hai Hawker Centre opens late so ample parking spaces at the back. They say at Fook Hai, there’s the original Kuching kolo mee – this one is the cousin, dunno where the sons are. I wanted to go there for that but it was not open that morning, closed for a few days.

  2. Ooh, I love these lanes where lots of yumminess is packed into one spot.

    Can be mind-boggling at times, dunno where to start and what to choose. I already had the noodles…but I had to try the dumplings and yam cake, so full after that…and there are more!!!

  3. Sin poh poh in Ban Hock. I guess they moved there. Not too sure. Long time I did not venture to Ban Hock or Padungan area.

    Nice to get walk and discover new places and things. You never know what you could find. 🙂

    Yes, I enjoyed it a lot, nicer than people coming and driving off somewhere in the car to go some place to eat. This way, a lot more to see and experience along the way.

    This one’s in Padungan, Ban Hock one closed down already, now some other coffee shop, half the size, no customers.

    This was on Saturday morning and it does seem that Padungan is not that congested anymore, no crowd, ample parking – at night, it is like a ghost town, hardly anybody. I guess people nowadays flock to the new attractions like Gala City, Saradise, Jalan Song and so on and they do not venture into the city centre anymore.

  4. I love or koi! I am sure I would live the sio bee too.

    Both were so good. Should have bought more but was afraid that the mini fridge in the hotel room was not cold enough.

  5. Hi Arthur, until recently the nice kampua stall moved from Sim Poh Poh to a newer kopitiam a few shop units away, also along Padungan. Part of the early morning crowd has probably ‘moved’ with that popular stall. For the original tomato mee/kueh-tiaw, try Stall No. 4 at the Hui Sing night hawker stalls if you ever found yourself around that vicinity.

    I suspect that Hui Sing stall MUST be the one at the roadside stalls, the one on the extreme right, along Palm Road with its junction with Rubber Road, near Mayfair Nightclub. I hear they moved there but I have never had the chance to go there after all these years – nobody to bring me there. Sobssss!!!! I used to frequent that stall ever so often in the 70’s – always long queues, lots of people buying (and much nicer than one stall at Batu Lintang – I did buy from there too sometimes). The kacang ma from the stall on the extreme left was very very nice too.

    Yes, my cousin did comment on my post on Facebook telling me that the kampua stall has moved to a shop a few doors away but it was all right. I was not there for the kampua, plenty of that in Sibu. LOL!!!

    P.S. Whoever you are, thanks for the tips and thanks for commenting. Do stick around!

  6. The crispy tomato noodles look good, i would want to try it. Sio bee and yam cake are like comfort food to me.

    All good here. Would be so cheap for you, divided by 3.

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