Mama’s little girl…

I did mention in my earlier posts that I was in Kuching for my ex-Kanowit student’s daughter’s wedding. She contacted me sometime ago or maybe it was another ex-student, her classmate who told me about it first as they were all arranging some kind of reunion, getting all those in their same year together. Much as I would love to be there, I could only give a tentative yes at the time because of my chauffeur duties between my girl’s school in the jungle and home.

When she got her transfer to a school in town, I let the latter know that I could go…or actually, she contacted me to ask me to confirm whether I could be there and I told her yes. She must have informed the mother of the bride or everybody in their Whatsapp group because she got in touch with me right away for my address and in a day or two, somebody sent the invitation card to my house! Gee!!! That was fast! She asked me where I would like to stay and I told her the name of the hotel and she said she would make the booking and pay for my accommodation but I insisted on doing it all myself.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, there I was on the 6th of September at the wedding of mama’s little girl…

The newly-weds and their parents

…at St Joseph’s Cathedral in Kuching and this is the photograph of me and the rest with the bride and the groom…

Us & the newly weds and the bride's parents

…and the parents of the bride on the extreme right.

That night, the grand reception was held at the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching, otherwise known as the BCCK and here, you can see everybody enjoying the cocktails outside…

At the BCCK

…before entering the ballroom…


…when most everybody had arrived.

There was this wishing tree…

Wishing tree

…for family and friends to write their good wishes and blessings and hang on the branches and this was the main table…

Main table

…arranged in a semi-circle, not the usual round one which I thought was good, as they would be able to look at the guests instead of at one another only and this was the backdrop on the stage and the wedding cake…

Backdrop & wedding cake

At our table, we were all given the door gift, the wedding cake…

Door gift & note

…and a thank you note.

The food…

One of the dishes

…was very good and the service was excellent, a far cry from the wallflowers we have at some of our hotels in town.

I did not take snapshots of all the dishes that we had though as the lights were kind of dim plus I was too busy enjoying myself with everybody…

One for the memory

…who was there that night.

Congratulations once again, Jason & Gladys! May God shower you two with everlasting love and happiness all the days of your life together as man and wife and congratulations also to the proud and happy parents, Sok Hiong and hubby, Danny and thank you so much for inviting me to join you all on this joyous occasion – I certainly was glad I was able to make it. Cheers!!!

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10 thoughts on “Mama’s little girl…”

  1. What a pretty and beautiful bride. Such joyous occasion, i always love attending weddings and wedding dinners.

    Me too! And the mum was my student 40 years ago, believe it or not. So glad to have such students – many more recent ones do not even invite me to their own weddings, sad.

  2. Congrats to the newly-wed couples. Am impressed with the arrangement of the main table, actually my first time seeing such arrangement.

    Thank you on their behalf. Your first time too? I’ve seen one long table on the stage once.

  3. What a joyous occasion ! I remember at a Malay wedding, the main table was arranged in a straight line. This semi-circle arrangement is very nice.

    The long table on the stage was at a Malay wedding or to be exact, my Muslim Melanau relatives’.

  4. Congrats to the newly wed. Such a blissful occasion. I have never dine in BCCK. Heard the buffet is good but havent try it out yet. Not cheap though.

    Good that you had a great time here, catching up and relaxing.

    Thanks. Oh? They have a buffet? I heard something like they are working with that UCSI Hotel next door, use their trainees for their functions. They are very good!

  5. wallflower service – i chuckled at your description 🙂

    You’ll have to see it to believe – at our biggest, most grand hotel in town. They rope in those daily-paid part-timers, no proper training, when all the ballrooms are booked and they are short of staff. They all stand by the walls, purely for decoration…and they will even glare angrily at you if you ask them for something. I often had to get up and walk all the way to the drinks counter and pour my own drink and walk back – they would just stand there by the side and not bat an eyelid.

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