We do enjoy claypot rice quite a lot but it is one thing that we do not get easily around here.

Way back in 2008, we stumbled upon a very nice one here and we went back for it again in 2011 but eventually, it called it a day. We also had it here but no, it was not quite the way it should be – more like rice in a claypot with stewed pork or chicken and the sauce poured all over it and served. I tried the one at a hotel coffee house and also at this wannabe-fine-dining place and both were disappointing.

We loved the one here but for reasons unknown, we were told that we could not just drop by and ask for it – orders would have to be made a day earlier and we would be informed whether they would be able to oblige or not. Well, eventually, they closed shop – talk about killing the golden goose. Their claypot rice was very nice and very popular and even though it was not on their menu, theirs had a following and people would make their way there just for it. I wouldn’t say the same about most of their other dishes.

Of course we were delighted when we heard that they had it here…

Wang Seng Food Street

…at this stall…

Claypot King

…run by two very nice and friendly and very enterprising young guys and the first opportunity we got, we made our way there to give theirs a try. It is open from 5.30 p.m. in the evening on weekdays and from 8.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. om weekends and public holidays.

Both the ladies wanted the pork (RM7.00)…

Claypot pork rice

…but I wanted that too and I did not want the chicken (RM8.00) so I asked for the chicken and pork combo (RM14.00)…

Claypot chicken & pork rice

…and yes, it was really very very good but oopsss!!! I think they forgot the green vegetable in mine.

The pork one was good too but it did not have the lap cheong (Chinese sausage) – next time I would bring my own and ask them to add and it did not have the salted fish either. That was why I would say that my order was a cut above what the ladies had.

We sure enjoyed our lunch there that day and one thing’s for sure, we would be back for more!

CLAYPOT KING is located at WANG SENG FOOD STREET (2.342889, 111.831740) in UniCity along Jalan Wawasan.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “Clay…”

  1. We can get claypot rice quite easily here, in my neighbourhood, there are already two stalls serving claypot chicken rice.

    Lucky you!

  2. I was once told that the best part in a claypot rice is the burnt rice at the bottom. Was wondering why there is no lap cheong and salted fish in the pork combo. Isn’t salted fish a must in claypot rice?

    See my reply to zmun2 above. I dunno why there weren’t any of the two in the pork, didn’t ask. Maybe that is why it is cheaper. Anyway, my missus doesn’t like and doesn’t eat lap cheong, just salted fish. I guess can always request, just pay a bit more, probably.

  3. Nice combo and good that they customised the food on customer’s preference. Here, mostly chicken claypot rice. Hard to find pork or combo claypot rice. Used to have one but many years ago.

    The current best one is the one in rubber road that I posted this month. Another one that known to Kuching people is in Thompson Corner. I had it but many years ago. Nice too.

    Not many people doing it nowadays. Dont know why, but many the long and hard work, I think. Hard to find people selling it but for now, we are sticking to the one in Rubber road.

    Rubber Road…and Thomson is at Nanas Road, all far from the city centre – not convenient for me to go there if I am staying at the city centre. Used to stay at the hotel behind Miramar sometimes but nothing much in that area. Actually I prefer pork to chicken – no bones! LOL!!! Actually one of the two guys at this stall here is from Kuching.

  4. Now your post makes me hungry ah! Missing the chicken and mushroom claypot rice I had for lunch some days ago hehe =))

    Oooo…with mushroom added! That’s nice!

  5. Is the combo serving bigger than single? I just wonder why not just order 1 chicken and 1 pork and that only cost RM1 extra compare to combo.

    May be a bit bigger, claypot quite full. The pork one a little more than half only. I think the combo is meant to be shared by two, the rest individual servings but it sure looked like if you order one of each and pay RM1 more, you will get more.

  6. Wow..your combo set surely looks much better.. with pork and chicken and egg… Claypot chicken is quite popular in Ipoh, there are many stalls selling this, I normally asked for more salted fish! 🙂 But not sure if they could add in our own lapcheong or not… Don’t think they would accept…

    My friend, Annie does that in KL. I thought the one I had had enough lap cheong but the salted fish was so little, almost not visible to the naked eye. I sure would want to bring my own next time and add to it myself.

  7. Haven’t had claypot rice with pork before tho, looks lovely.

    Oh? I had it with pork before and I love it! No need to struggle with the bones unlike chicken.

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