A little bit stronger…

Those of you who have been faithfully following my blog would probably remember our Sunday bak kut teh lunch here sometime last month.

I enjoyed their soup version with its fairly strong herbal taste and fragrance so I could not resist buying their DIY pack…

BKT DIY pack

…home to try and cook our own.

The other day, my missus decided to use it to cook and inside, there were four packets…


…one of the herbs, another filled with dark soy sauce and one, sugar and msg and last but not least, one had cornflour inside.

There was also this piece of paper…


…inside with the instructions and what not. Unfortunately, they are in Mandarin and Malay only so if you are thinking of giving it to someone overseas who can read neither of the two languages, perhaps you will need to write a translation.

For one thing, the herbs are not packed in a pouch so one would need to sieve the soup once all is done. The lovely fragrance filled the house when the soup was simmering and yes, it…

Bak kut teh

…tasted really good but I thought it was somewhat watered down, not as nice as what we had at the shop. Perhaps, should we buy it again to cook, we can cut down on the water – by a quarter or more so that the herbal soup would turn out a little bit stronger.

The outlet of the MASTER LEE KLANG CLAYPOT BAK KUT TEH (2.306941, 111.836912) that we went to is located among the Rejang Park shops in the block to the left of what-used-to-be a cinema between Sin Nang Leong General Store and King Hua Hair Salon.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “A little bit stronger…”

  1. I like BKT with herbal taste and always buy the BKT herbs from the Chinese Sinseh shop. Not in sachets form though. Have to sieve the soup once it is done. A packet of corn flour??? Was curious to know what is the purpose of that packet of cornflour.

    I haven’t the slightest idea. It did not seem to thicken the soup in any way. Oh? So you can get herbs that way – we usually get those commercially produced ones in packets at the shops and supermarkets.

  2. Never tried this brand before… I normally buy those all-in-one-pouch for my son and my sister… easier for them to cook… I can imagine the aroma of the BKT once it starts to boil… yummy!!

    Never came across anything like this before, my first time but it seems that Irene, see her comment above, gets her herbs from the Chinese medical stores and she sieves the soup all the time.

  3. What a handy idea. I’ve seen restaurants offer their homemade pasta and sauces to take home but I never imagined this. Love the concept.

    We do buy the beef sauce from Payung, our favourite cafe in town, and cook our own pasta to enjoy at home but this is the first time I’ve seen anything like this. Usually they will not let customers in on their closely-guarded secret. You will just have to go there to eat if you like it so much.

  4. Oh, the spice mix did not come in a pouch. That would be so messy, need to strain and all.

    No, not messy – the herbal mix is coarse. Irene, see her comment above, does it all the time. Our first time but we do take the fragrant roots out of the chicken soup too before serving – they’re not that pleasing to the eye…and we do sieve the Sarawak laksa broth as well and THAT is messy and tedious. Have to squeeze out all the juices from the rather fine sambal residue…and it is hot!

  5. Looking at Yum List’s comment, I have seen Satay Bee Hoon Stall selling their homemade Satay Bee Hoon sauce in packs to other hawkers, hotels and restaurants, even though some may think it is their secret recipe.

    Oh? You have satay bee hoon there? I cooked once for a barbecue party at my house a long time ago. Not available anywhere here.

  6. That’s some odd mix, the ones my sister usually bring back to US is from Mo Sang Kor, they’re lovely, only herbs.

    Then you will have to add your own. This one only mentioned 4 bulbs of garlic. When we cook BKT using the packet mix from the shops, we would also add wolfberries and dried shitake mushroom. My missus likes to add bean curd sticks but I am not fond of those in bkt, will affect the taste, not quite the same as a result.

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