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We went once after they had moved to their present location, their own premises and were rather disappointed with the food and we felt the prices were kind of steep compared to before when they were at the old place…and then we went again with my in-laws and they too shared those same sentiments. That was why we never went back again.

However, at the dinner that night, my good friend/ex-classmate, Robert, said that I could go back there again as the food would be as good as before and it would not be that expensive, comparable to most of the other places round town.

They have this chap fan (mixed rice) thing now but only on Sundays and it sure looked like most of the people…

Ming Mei Shi Restaurant

…were there for that. No prices were stated in the notice but you can just go to the buffet spread and pick what you want and there is a cashier sitting at the end of the line waiting to calculate for you and collect your payment. I wonder why they have this on Sunday – it probably would be better to have it on weekdays so people in the offices can stop by during lunch hour for a bite before heading back to work.

No, we did not want that as we were out for our weekly Sunday lunchtime special and we were thinking of their  dong po rou (东坡肉)…

Dong po rou

…one of their signature dishes and we had not had that for a long long time. I heard that my girl was chatting with her mum just a few days earlier and she was thinking about having that! She did not tell me though but somehow, sometimes it seems that I can read her mind.

It was inexpensive, RM20.00 only and it came with 5 pieces of mantou (steamed bread) so one can enjoy it sandwiched in the latter like this…

In mantou

We sure enjoyed it to the max and we also loved their Four Heavenly Kings with XO sauce (RM16.00)…

Four Heavenly Kings

…which, according to the lady taking our order, is another of their signature dishes and yes, I would say that it has an edge over the rest around town.

We did not want their fish fillet with cereal as chances are they would be using dory which is not to our liking. We asked for chicken (RM16.00)…

Cereal chicken

…instead and it was so very nice. We could not finish that last dish especially after feasting on the pork and the mantou so we had it packed to be taken home but we did eat all the sliced mango by the side – that was so very nice!

The total came up to RM65.70 only, inclusive of rice and drinks and 6% SST, pretty much the same as the other places like this one around town, some not even half as nice and the service was great and everyone was so very nice and friendly. We certainly would not mind going back there again.

名美食大酒家 Ming Mei Shi Restaurant (2.293896, 111.836528) is located at 25,27,29, Lorong Chew Siik Hiong 1A in the Fortune Commercial Centre, the area of shops behind the Rejang Medical Centre, right beside the Doraemon Supermarket there.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

10 thoughts on “Go back…”

  1. All looks so tempting and I am sure I will enjoy what you had that day too.

    You’ll love it here, used to be Blue Splendour – very popular and very nice, something of the same standard as Heritage in Kuching.

  2. Wahhh…the fatty dong po rou…hee..hee… I would love that!

    We sure are birds of the same feather, aren’t we? LOL!!!

  3. I love dong po rou. With the bun.

    I tried this restaurant, once I think. The food was nice.

    Yes, when the West Malaysian bloggers came to town, I hosted the welcome dinner here. They did not seem all that excited though – maybe they have lots of places like this there, nicer ones even. They were more impressed by places like Payung or Ruby.

  4. Seems like quite a happening place on a Sunday. Their dong po nyuk looks good! 🙂

    I think they have quite a lot of following, a lot of people every day.

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