In my childhood days, my mum would clear the land at the far end of the compound where our old wooden house was to plant corn. She would soak the kernels in water till they had sprouted roots and make holes in the ground into which I would put in two or three of the seeds. The variety of the corn then was not very nice – the young ones were all right but the older ones were not that tasty and quite a chore to chew.

These days, we have the sweet corn or what people call the Ligo variety…

Fresh corn

…but the prices have been soaring lately and they do not come cheap anymore, 4 for RM6.00, RM1.50 each.

When I shared a photograph of the corn on Facebook, a friend commented that he would buy them regularly but at times, they were sweet and at other times, not so. I replied telling him to look at the stems where they had cut the ears of corn…

Freshly cut

If it is white and fresh, then the corn would be fine. It it has turned brown and dry, then one should not buy it as chances are it will not be sweet and nice anymore, rather bland, in fact. The ones that I bought that day looked like they had been harvested the day before, not 100% fresh but they were still all right.

For this reason, I often wonder about those that they sell already peeled – have they done that so buyers would not be able to check as to whether the corn is fresh or not? It’s the same thing with those sold in pairs wrapped in plastic or cling film at the supermarket. How old exactly are those? Will they be as sweet as the freshly-harvested ones still?

Cooking is very easy – you just peel the ears of corn till you reach the final layer…


Some say it will taste nicer if you leave that intact when you cook it compared to removing it all completely.

Just boil the peeled corn in water with a little bit of salt added…

Ready to boil

…and you will be able to enjoy eating them…

Corn on the cob

…in no time at all. It is so very easy.

Of course, there are other ways to do it – steam them or grill them on a hot plate, barbecue them and serve with butter (though usually, they will just use margarine and I am not fond of the taste and smell) or cook in soup like the ABC soup, for instance.

Author: suituapui

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9 thoughts on “Corn…”

  1. I did hear about leaving the peeling of the final layer intact will give the corn a nicer taste, how true is it? I usually boil the peeled corn with a little bit of salt added. I like to eat corn as it is.

    Dunno how true, and I also heard in my younger days that one could boil the hair and drink the water, a cure for diabetes. Can dry the hair in the sun to keep longer. That’s how we would cook…and eat it too.

  2. I prefer it steam and grill. Spread butter on it. Yummy.

    Now mostly sell, not good. Hardly much kernel. And i dont know how to choose good one. Lol.

    Ok. Next time I buy, I will remember your advice.

    …and make sure it is Ligo. Other varieties, not so nice. Had some at Cameron, even Korea – like the ones my mum used to plant long long ago. No, thank you.

  3. we have been having corn lately too at home! So nice, and i realize there are some that are sweeter than others. Usually the more expensive ones are sweeter.. I usually have it without added butter and salt.. just munch while doing work on the laptop.. 😀

    Yes, no need for butter and salt, so sinful. Tastes great on its own, provided you get the sweet ones.

  4. Someone once gave me very fresh young sweet corn and she said it could be eaten raw. I tried and it was tender and sweet but I still prefer to have it cooked by light steaming.

    Yes, I tried that in Cameron, didn’t like it – that raw green smell. I prefer it cooked. We’re not chickens, that’s for sure. LOL!!!

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