I’ve been waiting for you…

Well, we’ve been waiting for him, the authentic North Indian chef here. He went on leave and flew home in June and when we were at the restaurant the other day, he was not back yet. My girl said she wanted to go there for our weekly Sunday lunchtime special so of course, that wasn’t a problem at all and yes, he’s back in the swing of things already!!!

Of course she wanted the biryani rice…

Cafe Ind biryani rice

…and since we had the mutton curry on our previous visit, she opted for her other favourite here, the butter chicken curry (RM20.00)…

Cafe Ind butter chicken curry

…cooked using freshly traditional Indian oven-cooked tandoori chicken so you can get to enjoy that delightful taste and fragrance of the tandoori chicken in the curry.

The mum ordered the garlic naan (RM5.00)…

Garlic naan

…to share and the chicken masala (RM13.50)…

Cafe Ind chicken masala

…for the gravy to dip the roti in and the meat.

I went for the Indonesian ayam opor (RM14.50)…

Cafe Ind ayam opor 1

…their white curry, something like our korma chicken and I asked for extra potatoes as I love those in the lovely gravy and it sure was a pleasant surprise when I was served that in a big bowl…

Cafe Ind ayam opor

…at no extra charge.

I was glad that they did not add any chili to it – my missus asked for it to be extra-spicy once and it affected the taste somewhat. It was still nice but I prefer its original taste. They did give me the chili paste in a little saucer with the rice so I could eat the meat with it.

It seemed that right now, they’ve resorted to using bougainvilleas instead of the chili cut open to look like a flower for their presentation of their dishes, not that I was impressed by it, the reason being that fact that chilies are getting way too expensive these days to use like that. I do eat them with whatever dishes I am having but I think most people will just put it aside to be thrown away eventually, such a waste. I would be quite happy with just the daun sup (Chinese celery) or nothing at all – what’s most important would be how nice the dishes served are and as far as the ones here are concerned, that goes without saying. That is why we keep coming back for more…

CAFE IND (2.290813, 111.829294) is located along Laichee Lane, right behind one block of shops facing the main road (Jalan Kampung Nyabor) where the Bank Simpanan Nasional, Sibu branch (2.290561, 111.829071), is.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “I’ve been waiting for you…”

  1. The white curry looks like Kambing soup.

    Your kambing soup is like gravy? Yet to see any that is so thick…and those that I had came across were somewhat oily, a thick layer of oil on top.

  2. All looks great but I prefer the Indonesian ayam apor over the the other two. I wonder what makes the butter chicken curry looks so red. Is it the herbs?

    The marinades of the tandoori chicken that give it its special flavour – that is always red in colour. You’ll love the opor – not even a little bit spicy. Not a spicy dish.

  3. We love Indian food and the food here looks absolutely delightful.

    Yes, we would rank it as our favourite in town, very authentic. Others here are more like mamak, Malaysianised Indian.

  4. Good the chef is back. The food all looked good. Can see they put some effort in the presentation too.

    Yes but of course, what matters most would be the food and needless to say, this one definitely does not fall short where quality is concerned.

  5. Yum! Yum! Yum! I like all the 3 orders, maybe biryani a little more than the others 🙂

    The Indonesian ayam opor is really nice too! And so are a lot of things on their menu.

  6. Oh my!! Love all the dishes above.. so exotic! Very mouth watering now… I think I will cook some curry chicken tomorrow!

    I get sick and tired of western after a while, will yearn for our own Asian delights.

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