My girl told me that she liked the Big Breakfast here…

McDonald's Sibu

…a lot more than what she had here that morning so of course, I had to make my way there to give it a try.

My regular readers would know jolly well that I am not into these franchise places and I really can’t really remember the last time I stepped into one of their outlets and that too was probably at KLIA while I was waiting for a plane or someone to arrive (and I usually picked Colonel Sanders’ as the outlet was closer to the departure gate) or sending somebody off. I used to go to the one here at their former location when my girl was little/younger simply because she loved it here. Somehow or other, kids and young people are drawn to such places.

That morning, as I approached the counter…

McDonald's Sibu counter

…to order, I was distracted by this…

MdD nasi lemak

…and of course, that called for a last-minute change of plans and I had that instead, RM5.65 with one complimentary iced Milo plus 6% SST.

I’m sure everyone would be able to tell why I was not in the least impressed when I opened the paper cup/bowl. That fried egg was an absolute disaster…

Fried egg

…but thankfully, everything underneath…

No peanuts

…looked pretty good.

Of course, the test of the pudding is in the eating and I thought the rice was not quite lemak, not by my standard but it was very nice, bursting with the flavours of whatever was used in the cooking, the  ginger, pandan and what not. The sambal was very good too and it was super spicy – my missus would love it, I’m sure!

All in all, I would say that despite the egg, I did enjoy it very much. If they can’t give hard-boiled egg, the standard authentic nasi lemak condiment, with it, perhaps they can consider sliced omelette instead (like what one gets in Sarawak laksa) – I think I would prefer that instead. For one thing, at least, it wasn’t that nasi lemak burger that took the region by storm not very long ago. I simply could not understand how something without nasi could pass off as nasi lemak – thankfully, it died a natural death soon enough, no longer on their menu.

Well, it certainly looks like I will have to come back here again soon…for the big breakfast.

MCDONALD’S SIBU (2.290644, 111.826028) is located at Shop Lot No. 2 (Ground & 1st Floor) and Shop Lot No. 4 (Ground Floor), Causeway Road (now Jalan Sanyan), directly opposite Wisma Sanyan (Parkson).

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “Distracted…”

  1. I am not into this franchise place too but for a change I may go for it but definitely not for nasi lemak but for others. Too spicy, not for me too.

    Definitely not for you, super spicy but to me, that was its only saving grace.

  2. I haven’t been to McDonald’s for the longest time! Oh, I see that they have nasi lemak too. I would have deviated from the big breakfast too. Can’t resist nasi lemak LOL!

    The big breakfast did not look good in the photo, not anything like those really Big Breakfasts at the nice cafes but my girl said she likes it.

    I cannot even remember the last time I was at McD’s…or what I ate, probably around the time when I was sending my girl off to New Zealand at KLIA and I tried their Prosperity Burger and did not like it one bit – I am not a fan of black pepper sauce.

  3. The food sold in such franchise chain is usually not so great and overpriced.

    No, I prefer its burgers. Haha.

    Yes, definitely over-priced…and it’s not even all that nice! I really can’t understand what young people see in these places. I can buy two packs of the very nice nasi lemak at Bandong, biasa…or one with ayam berempah, salted fish and salted egg! Without doubt, a whole lot nicer!!! Post on that coming up real soon.

    My girl likes the scrambled egg sausage burger from their breakfast selections.

  4. That looks to be better than some airlines!

    Not the egg, especially after they had reheated it using the microwave, it was like rubber…or leather!

  5. If only they have nasi lemak in Sacramento… Then I don’t have to take their muffins each time I go… LOL…

    They have frozen ones here now, made in the peninsula…or I am quite sure there is a Malaysian restaurant somewhere there?

  6. This round’s nasi lemak sambal is better than the previous round. Previous round sambal was on sweet side.
    I kinda like it…but portion abit small…hahah…
    Luckily the condiments (ikan bilis, peanuts, cucumber) were complete.

    Were there peanuts? I could not remember. Can’t see in the photo I took.

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