Chocolate lovers…

This goes all the way back to March this year when my brother came home from New Zealand for the 1st anniversary of our mum’s passing from this world and he gave us these…


I guess all chocolate lovers would be familiar with this renowned and very popular New Zealand brand but if I am not wrong, this is their special edition, so to speak – the artisan collection…

Artisan collection

…not one of their regular ones that may be available quite easily here.

It sure looks like there is a Malaysian importer…

Malaysian importer

…so if you look hard enough, maybe you can get them here as well.

So far, we’ve only tried this one…

West Coast Buttermilk Caramelised White Chocolate with Gingerbread Biscuit

…and yes, it was…

Whitakers chocolate

…very nice just that like all chocolates, it was very sweet so we had to go real slowly and eat sparingly. We’ve finished all of it now so we shall be going on to one of the remaining two – perhaps we will try the Wellington Roasted Supreme Coffee next. Knowing how I love coffee, my brother specially picked that one for me.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

3 thoughts on “Chocolate lovers…”

  1. I guess most people (if not all) love chocolates. I am one of them. Dark chocolates aren’t too sweet. Those imported will cost a bomb that is for sure.

    Yes, we get lots of imported chocolates especially at Ta Kiong here, not cheap. I don’t think I’ve seen Whitaker’s though. Dark chocolate is supposedly to be the one that’s good for health.

  2. those are some really interesting chocolate flavours – very different from the dairy milk, hazelnut, or fruit and nuts varieties from cadbury 🙂

    Not really a fan of chocolates but will eat if there are such special ones, not available here and if people buy for me. Wink! Wink! LOL!!!

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