Last Thursday night, we had prayers at the house in conjunction with the 2nd anniversary of my dad’s demise the following day – Friday, the 12th of July.

My sister went to this bakery…

Sweet Factory

…to order a few things for the light refreshment to serve to those who came.

Everyone gasped at the size of the curry puffs…

Sweet Factory curry puff

– they were huge and they could not believe their ears when told that they were only RM1.00 each.

The pastry was all right…

Curry puff, inside

and though we could hardly detect the curry in the filling, it tasted o.k. We really can’t complain when it was so cheap and it tasted pretty good too.

I just bought some curry puffs from this shop here a few days earlier and the pastry had that lovely buttery fragrance, much nicer and the filling too, though there was so little of it, an almost paper thin layer inside…and those were RM2.50 each!

The sio pao (RM1.70)…

Sweet Factory sio pao

…was very good, both the pastry and the filling…

Sio pao, inside

…and it had quite a lot of meat in it.

The filling…

Chicken pie, inside

…in the somewhat much smaller chicken pie (RM1.80)…

Sweet Factory chicken pie

…was nothing like that in the regular chicken pies that we are more accustomed to but it tasted great and of the three, I loved the pastry of the chicken pie the most.

Considering that everything was reasonably priced and seeing how everybody seemed to enjoy them all, we certainly wouldn’t mind going back to order more in future.

SWEET FACTORY is located right next door to NIANG JIA, formerly LADOREE CAFE & EVENTS (2.302891, 111.842997), at Wisma Liberty, Lot 4047, Block 3, Jalan Pedada (now Jalan Dr. Wong Soon Kai). There are a few tables by the side for anyone thinking of having tea there.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

10 thoughts on “Serve…”

  1. I like everything you showed here, the sio bao, curry puff and chicken pie

    All nice but the chicken pie was the best, small too so it was not so filling, Could eat and enjoy more. LOL!!!

  2. Pastry and fillings comes together to make a good sio pao, curry puff and chicken pie. All the above looks pretty nice.

    All good but the best is still the ones at Kai Joo Lane, haven’t had those for a long time now but I guess they have maintained the same quality even though the old folks have handed everything over to the younger generation.

  3. I’d buy ten of those curry puffs to work!

    I think I can manage two only at the most or maybe three at one time, as big as my palm, very filling!

  4. That was a huge curry puff. RM1. So cheap!!

    Nowhere near my favourites in Kuching, of course – the Kai Joo Lane curry puffs and sio pao, dunno how much they cost now.

  5. I would have gasped too at the size of that karipap!
    Can feed my whole kampung, just like that.

    Muahahahahahaha!!! Your kampung people all such small eaters kah?

  6. Still very reasonably priced… no complaints for RM1 product. Just this afternoon my friend was telling me that one piece of Nyonya Kueh in Penang cost RM1 a piece already!

    What? *faints*!!! Here, it depends, some may cost even more like angkoo kuih, from RM1.00 to RM1.20, the good ones.

  7. with everything priced below RM2, these prices are very refreshing – especially since they’re not stingy with the ingredients – i bet if we bought a RM1 XL-sized curry puff in KL, it might be mostly hollow! 😉

    We have our share of those here too and the pastry is not even nice.

  8. That curry puff is so tempting, it is calling my name right now! I can’t stand it when I buy curry puff to get ‘angin’ as the inti so what you got there is really a good deal especially since it is only RM1

    Had the ones at Mid Valley, not as nice and deep fried some more. Hopefully, I’ll get to try the celebrated IKEA ones some day.

  9. I had 1 sio pao for breakfast the next day & it was very nice. I still prefer Aroma’s chicken pie 🙂

    At RM4.00 each, I’ve stopped buying already, can live without it.

  10. Wow. I would be gasping over the curry puff size too.

    You’ve got similarly huge ones in KL too…but the ones I had were deep fried and no, they definitely were not a ringgit each!

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