Thing of beauty…

As the English saying goes, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” I, for one, do love beautiful things and when it comes to crockery, my regular readers and acquaintances via blogs that I frequent would probably know that I have this soft spot for those blue and white ones in particular.

That was why when my sister sent me a photograph of one beautiful dinner set that she said she would give away if I did not want it, I wasted no time at all in saying yes, send it over!

I know vaguely where that came from – when my parents were still around, family and friends would give them gifts every Chinese New Year and this was most likely one of those in one of the years. Of course, my father had to buy stuff to reciprocate but that’s another story altogether.

In the set, there is one big service plate…

Main course plate

…for serving the main course and eight dinner plates…

Dinner plates

…slightly smaller than the big one and there are eight small (bread & butter) plates and eight soup bowls…

plates and bowls

…as well plus one big bowl which would come in handy when serving the soup if I were hosting a Chinese dinner. Otherwise, that can be used as a salad or fruit bowl, I guess.


There are cups and saucers as well in the complete set but I did not want those as I do not usually serve tea and coffee at my dinners and I do not have that much space in my small house to store all of them. Even though there are other colours in the flowers in the middle, on the whole, it is blue and white and yes, I love it so much!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “Thing of beauty…”

  1. I wonder who is the lucky person who got the cups and saucers since you didn’t take them from your sister. very nice set which your sister kept nicely all these years.

    I guess they never used all this time, kept in the original boxes. I would just give away, recycle my gifts if I am not using unless there is a specific reason to keep.

  2. Very nice complete set of crockery. You should have kept the cups and saucers as well.

    Nowhere to keep, my cabinets are quite full already and my house is not big…and we hardly serve coffee and tea, usually soft drinks in glasses.

  3. i’m not sure keats was thinking about plates when he wrote that line about a thing of beauty, but those plates sure are beauties! 😀

    That was Keats, was it? Hah…he definitely would not have plates in mind when he wrote that. LOL!!!

  4. These are pretty indeed! And I’ll love to have the cups and saucers.

    I did not want those as we would not be using them and I am running short of storage space in the house.

  5. Oh! So lovely! I have a soft spot for floral designs. Well, another set to add on to your collection 🙂

    Nice, eh? Looking forward to using it, dunno when I will be hosting my next sit-down dinner at home.

  6. I am rather fond of those blue and white ones too! Much prefer them to plain white plates.

    Great minds think alike. I’m not too fond of those white ones – they look so clinical.

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