Cherished memories…

Everytime it was my parents’ birthday, I would buy something for them and maybe a cake as well, perhaps and at times, flowers for my mum too.

I remember buying this very nice casserole…

Casserole 1

…for her but I cannot for the dear life of me remember where or when. I don’t remember how much I paid for it either but I guess it was not much, probably something in the region of RM50.00. With my measly salary as a teacher, I wouldn’t be able to afford something very costly, that’s for sure.

All I can remember is I thought it was very nice and I was quite sure that my mum would love it. I do not know if she did. Typical Asians like us do not express our feelings all that much and all through the years, I did not see it in the display cabinets at the house and I don’t think I ever saw it being used either.

Anyway, the other day, I asked my sister if she had seen it lying around anywhere in the house and if it was still in one piece, I would love to have it back and she said yes and promptly sent it over to my house…

Casserole 2

When I bought it, I never checked the place of manufacture even. I only remember it looking quite classy, somewhat English or continental with images of ladies and gents dressed in clothes from the Dickens era like those on the lovely Quality Street toffee tin in the good old days but no, there were fruits by the side with lots of roses and leaves all over.

There was a plate…


…underneath and when I turned it over, I saw this sticker…


Now, that’s interesting! It was made in Japan!

I turned the casserole over and I saw this…


SANYO? Maybe it was a free gift with some SANYO product and they put it up for sale? And maybe that was why it was at a price quite affordable to the likes of me? I am pretty sure that otherwise, it would be mighty expensive.

At this point in time, I am not sure whether I will ever use it but I have  rearranged some of my collection in my cabinet to make way for it…

Casserole 3

…and there it will stay in its special place, in the meantime, cherished and treasured for the precious memory it holds of one so dearly loved.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

3 thoughts on “Cherished memories…”

  1. Wow, so long and you can still remember you have bought that casserole for your mum. Indeed you have a very good memory. If me, I would have long forgotten about it. Nice piece of collection.

    Yes, I do have a good memory and I can remember what I bought for who and when…but not all the time though. That day, my sister passed me some mugs that she insisted we bought for my dad and mum and I simply cannot remember seeing them before.

  2. your late mother must have treasured your gift very much and kept it nicely in pristine condition. your sister is also a very organized person to know exactly where the pot is and to give it to you immediately when you talked about it.

    Yes, runs in the family. I think we took after our dad – he would keep anything and everything nicely and carefully and he would remember exactly where he kept them. I am like that too…unlike some people that I know. They would take things to use and never put back where they got them from and when they want to use them again, they would search high and low and turn whole the house upside down.

  3. What a lovely casserole!You have an eye for beautiful crockery. I love those intricate floral designs. The sticker is still intact which meant your mum possibly never used it. I am guessing she thought the casserole was too beautiful and precious to be used. So sayang to use, so just kept it safely and now it is back with you!

    I knew you’d love it! We sure have great taste in this kind of stuff, don’t we? Hehehehe!!! I guess it will be the same with me – just keep in the display cabinet, treasured…and use some others less exclusive like the Corningware set that we have when we host dinners at home.

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