Big nose…



…is my friend/ex-classmate’s coffee shop. I don’t know why he has named it da pi – I gathered that it means big nose. Perhaps he has one, a big nose but then again, many Asian Chinese have the same, and more often than not, it’s flat some more! Anyway, back to the coffee shop, I do recall my friend having one at Market Road but eventually, he moved here sometime ago. He kept asking me why I never dropped by – well, I just never did.

So what made me go there the other morning? Recently, my brother-in-law told me that the lady from one of his favourite kampua mee places in town has moved here. Oh? No wonder I’ve noticed quite a crowd there every morning when I drove past – obviously, the fans have shifted over here as well…but I do recall going to try at the old place and no, I was not all that impressed. Nonetheless, I decided to stop by to check it out one more time – after all, I probably caught them on a wrong day the last time and it is indeed very popular among the locals.

The coffee (RM1.70)…


…that I had was really good – I would rank it among the best in town and the kampua mee (RM3.00)…


…was very nice too and I liked those bits of minced meat in it, something different from a lot of the rest.

I also ordered the beef tripe soup, small (RM3.00)…

Gu tor

…and I was glad that the serving was not as huge as what I had here. The beef tripe could have been a bit softer – the one here was just nice – but though the soup had a different taste altogether, it was very nice as well and thankfully, it did not have any offensive smell like the one here.

I was delighted to see that they did not use those plastic plates and bowls here and I would give them a bonus point for not using plastic spoons…


…as well. Actually, I do like the floral designs very much, the ones on the plate and the spoon and should I see these in the shops, I sure wouldn’t mind grabbing some for my own collection.

While I was there, I saw these…

Stuffed tau kua tang hoon

…on the counter, the pre-soaked tang hoon (glass noodles) and the fried tau kua (bean curd cake) stuffed with minced meat. I would love that! Well, no prize for guessing what I will order the next time I drop by here.

DAPI SEAFOOD CANTEEN (2.286508, 111.831739) is located at No. 2A, Ground Floor, Lanang Road, directly opposite the Sacred Heart Cathedral.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “Big nose…”

  1. so the kampua mee is better than the one you ate when the lady was operating at the other place. Good that you gave her another chance then. The coffee is lower than a cup of hot coffee here which is RM 1.80 nett per cup in almost all the coffee shops that I frequent. was the coffee sweet?

    No, the coffee is not “mian tai” (without sugar) but you can order it like that if it so pleases you – the way I have my coffee at home. Generally it is not so sweet, not like at most of the Malay shops – their coffee lacks the coffee fragrance, dunno what powder they use and is so very sweet like they can get sugar for free.

    It’s RM1.80 at most places here but just like the quality, the prices vary – some RM1.50 or RM1.60 even. It’s very much cheaper if without ice.

  2. As long as they are not using plastic plates, bowls and spoons, etc, I will give them bonus point and thumbs up. Very nice floral design plates and spoons, love them.

    The town and city councils should pass a ruling banning the use of plastic plates and bowls and everything. Why stop at plastic bags? Many supermarkets will cash in on it and sell it to you if you do not bring your own shopping bag – 30 sen each!

  3. Ah… I see you have an eye for pretty crockery.. Just like me hee..hee…

    Come back tomorrow…and a couple of posts after that to see the latest additions in my collection!

  4. That’s one great looking coffee!
    Useless info I learned – our nose never stopped growing

    Good grief! If there is any truth in that, we would all be elephants by now! LOL!!!

  5. Big nose! Lol. We have Big Thumb and Big Mouth over here.

    I have that floral design spoon too. I dont remember where my man bought it. Bought with bowl too. You may have noticed that I used the bowl and spoon from my blog. Bought from Supersave or Boulevard. Not too sure which now.

    Oh? Big Thumb has a branch in Kuching? I know WeLove has, around King’s Centre area.

    Dunno about Boulevard, but Supersave should be affordable, made in China. I have not seen anything nice at the outlets here though. Mostly whites.

  6. i have a fairly large nose too, so i’d probably feel at home in this place, heheh 😀

    You have? Somebody just told me on Facebook that it signifies wealth. Gee! You must be very rich then. LOL!!!

  7. I usually give second chance too and I have a soft spot for floral designs too.

    Probably the owner has a big nose like Jackie Chan LOL.

    No wonder Jackie Chan is so rich!

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