Not the usual type…

I saw this…

Chapati chicken wrap 1

…here at the recent Ramadan Bazaar at Bandong Walk and I grabbed one to take home for my girl to try. She liked it so much that she quickly went back to buy another one but before she could go again, Ramadan was over.

Well, I was at the stall one morning last week and I saw it being sold so of course, I quickly got one for my girl and and one for myself…

Chapati chicken wrap 2

…since I had never tried it before.

I can’t say I liked the flimsy plastic packaging used, not all that environment-friendly, I think but I guess it helped make it look a bit classier and more presentable. Ah well! After all, when you buy those cold sandwiches at convenience stores in the cities here or overseas, they are all in some similar triangular plastic packs that all get thrown away once the sandwich inside had been taken out and eaten.

Well, they did state quite clearly that this was a wrap, though not the usual type that most would be more familiar with. Instead of those wraps or tortillas, they used chapati instead and inside, they had one piece of fried chicken, a bit of lettuce and a thin slice of cheese and I think there were traces of mayo and chili sauce squirted over everything…

Chapati chicken wrap 3

…but it was not in the least spicy.

Prior to eating that, I heated it up in the oven so the chapati became a bit crispy especially around the edges but it was still soft like Indian roti, not the hard kind of crispy like those wraps or tortillas…

Chapati chicken wrap 4

Generally, I would say it was all right – maybe it would be nicer if they had added a bit of coleslaw as well but no, it did not get me jumping with delight and no, you wouldn’t catch me rushing back for more. At RM4.50 each, I am of the opinion that there are a lot of other nicer things that I can get with that kind of money…or less.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “Not the usual type…”

  1. Looks good and easy to eat. So far I haven’t encountered coleslaw in wraps. Guess coleslaw could be too wet to stay in a wrap or could make the wrap soggy. The price is ok, lower than kfc and mcd wrap I think.

    Yes, would cost a lot more if we have this at one of those places. The coleslaw in the Sugar Bun fish burger is very nice and it does not make the bread soggy even when not eaten on the spot. Perhaps they can pack it separately and one can add after reheating prior to eating. Just a thought, never tried so dunno if that will bring the taste to a whole new level or not. I love it in the aforementioned burger.

  2. RM4.50 for that, I guess I can go for a bowl of nice and fulfilling kolo mee. Moreover I am not into this type of wrap too.

    My sentiments exactly. I guess young people would enjoy this more than kolo mee or kampua.

  3. It looks good and I would enjoy it. I have been eating quite a bit of wraps lately from Salad Atelier. Maybe I will do a post on that.

    I do enjoy those Mission wraps, the filling is up to us but we stopped buying and eating when my girl was on a gluten-free diet.

  4. So this is like.. Indian Taco? haha

    That was my initial thought when I first saw it, tacos! Then I saw that it was chapati and that sure aroused my curiosity! That, I would want to try!

  5. My first instinct when I see it was burrito!! Lol. Been having that a lot at home as my hubby likes it so much.

    Even they have few flavours of wraps such as normal, onion etc. Must eat them warm otherwise the wraps turn rubbery. I dont quite enjoy that.

    Saw frozen chapati too but never buy it to try.

    My girl’s like your hubby – she loves those wraps…and I’m like you, will eat but not really into it.

    Lots here too – frozen canai, pratha, shapati. I never buy either. Might as well go for the freshly-made ones in the shops.

  6. ooo, malaysian fusion! there are so many things we could stuff a chapati wrap with – chicken satay, tau yew bak, and more 😀

    Wow! You are so creative! A dried meat or vegetable curry would make it a truly Malaysian wrap.

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