Wanted to want it too…

This was quite sometime ago when we dropped by here as I wanted to buy something from the supermarket at the mall and we thought we might as well just have our lunch there so we would not have to cook our own at home.

The Hari Raya decorations were very minimal, barely noticeable…

Cafe Cafe Swan Square Hari Raya decor

…I must say.

My girl wanted what I had the last time we were there, the very nice lamb chop that I felt was the best I had ever had too and that (RM26.90)…

Cafe Cafe Swan Square lamb chop

…was what she had and yes, she did enjoy it.

She had their iced honey lemon (RM6.50) while the mum and I decided to give their air bandung (RM5.50 each)…

Cafe Cafe Swan Square air bandung

…a try. I did not quite enjoy it – at best, I would say it was all right for it did not taste quite like what I used to enjoy during our school sports day in my younger days. They used rose syrup instead of grenadine and I have never been a fan of that cordial.

I did not enjoy the Penang char kway teow (RM13.90)…

Cafe Cafe Swan Square Penang ckt

…that I had either. It had nothing more than just a few teeny weeny shrimps in it and I barely finished half of it. I am pretty sure I can find others elsewhere here a whole lot nicer at around half the price but of course, those would be in less comfortable surroundings.

My missus had their stonebowl beef kway teow (RM18.90)…

Cafe Cafe Swan Square stinebowl beef kway teow

…which did not look like it would be any good but we all thought it was not too bad, just that they could have been a bit more generous with the beef and perhaps they should work on the presentation as well.

On the whole, except for the lamb chop, we did not think we would go for the other two that we had again the next time we drop by here.

CAFE CAFE, Swan Square outlet (2.325540, 111.853538), is located on the ground floor of the mega mall located to the left of SMK Bandar Sibu along Jalan Ling Kai Cheng.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “Wanted to want it too…”

  1. Penang char kway teow looks not bad but not the stone bowl beef kway teow. I thought this place used to serve very nice food.

    Yes, they do have quite a few nice dishes but we thought we would try something different in the hope of finding something else that is nice. Too bad, both were a let-down.

  2. The CKT and the Beef noodles do not look appetizing to me… well, no try, never know… tried already, never go… LOL..

    They have very nice rice sets…with masak hitam or rendang and their mee mamak and cincaluk fried rice are the favourites of many. Servings are huge though, will have to find someone to share. These two that are, I will just write off – once, never again.

  3. That one big bowl of beef kway teow but I never had such. Too much fluid to my liking. Lamb chop, anytime for me.

    Yes, the lamb chop was good but not the other two, will definitely not order those again especially when there are nicer items on their menu.

  4. I love air bandung also, but recently I noticed they are super sweet!

    Yes, the one I had here was rather sweet too. I wouldn’t order that again.

  5. It looks like the lamb chop is the only thing worthwhile having here. Did they have those black jelly-like seed (selasih) in the air bandung?

    There are others, very nice too, just that we did not pick those that day – wanted to try and see if there was anything else that was good. Too bad the two we chose fell flat.

    You mean what looks like kiwi fruit seeds? No, we never had those in our air bandung…not even way back on sports day in my childhood days – oooo…I loved the ones then, so rich with the evaporated milk and so nice with the grenadine. They sure do not make it like they used to anymore. Sad.

  6. Too much gravy/soup for the beef kway teow and the gravy looks kind of diluted

    All corn starch, I feel. I wouldn’t mind at all if it had been clear beef soup.

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