They’re everywhere…

If I am not wrong, this is the latest addition to their chain of food courts…

Popular Food Garden

…that one can find here, there and everywhere – there is one in the small Selangau bazaar too!

That night, my girl went out with her friend so the mum and I were left to our own devices and I decided we could go and check out this place.

Most of the stalls were closed even though the sign said this was a 24-hour place but there were a few that were open such as the kampua mee stall, the dim sum stall…one stall selling a fusion of western, Japanese and whatever dishes, a number of Malay stalls and a chu-char (cook & fry) place at the back in one corner.

The young lady at the latter could only speak Mandarin, obviously not conversant in Hokkien but we managed to place our orders and sat down to wait to be served.

We had the three-layer tea (RM3.20 a glass)…

Teh-C special

…which paled in comparison with what I had here.

My missus had the Foochow fried noodles (RM5.00)…

Foochow fried noodles

…which seemed a bit more expensive than most places but I think there was a lot more meat in it.

I asked for the special…

Foochow fried noodles special

…which was supposed to be RM8.00 but they charged me RM7.00 only as they had run out of liver.

We did enjoy both our orders and seeing how the dim sum stall looked so pathetic, no one ordering anything from there, I went and asked for the sotong kangkong (RM6.00)…

Sotong kangkong

…and it turned out to be really good.

While we were enjoying our orders, I noticed a group of Iban ladies, all in a family perhaps, with a young boy, probably still in primary school, talking to the aforementioned lady and she was able to converse fluently in Malay with them and I was impressed by the boy when he spoke Mandarin to the lady! We have many non-Chinese here going to the Chinese primary schools and of course, they are conversant in the language and needless to say, when applying for jobs, especially when they always state in the situations vacant advertisements, “Knowledge of other languages will be an advantage,” these people will have an edge over many of the rest.

Since we liked what we had that night, I guess we would want to come back some other day to see what else we can enjoy here.

POPULAR FOOD GARDEN, this particular branch (2.293207, 111.827906) is at one end of the building where the Ngui Kee Departmental Store was a long time ago, at Jalan Bako, off Jalan Tuanku Osman or you can come in via Brooke Drive, right beside/in front of Orchid Hotel.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

4 thoughts on “They’re everywhere…”

  1. I bet it will be a struggle for me to finish the plate of fried noodles. Such a big portion. Sotong kangkong is my favourite too.

    You’re a small eater, no wonder so slim. LOL!!!

  2. Oh gee that three layer ice tea looks attractive.

    I like it strong, rich and creamy so this one wasn’t quite there – there are places with nicer ones around here.

  3. We were there in Apr & there was a rat at our feet while we were waiting for our drinks. Our table was just in front of the drink stall. Since then we have never been back.

    Eyewwwwww!!!! But they are very new, opened not very long ago. Thank goodness we did not see any that night – will think twice about going there now.

  4. A food court chain, eh? It’s good that you enjoyed the food you ordered. Some stalls at food courts are not that good. The ones at the mall near me is just so so except for one or two better ones.

    They have different people at different stalls here so it will depend on who and where the good ones are, just like in the coffee shops. I know for one thing that over at your side, from what I heard, the same person owns all the stalls all over and he had his Bangla or Myanmarese workers to run to show, never around himself…so the quality of the food served may be questionable.

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