It has been blistering hot here so even though it’s already the month of Ramadan and fasting has begun and the bazaars have been going full swing all over town, I did not bother to go and check any of them out.

My girl was home since the weekend till Wednesday as she had some matters to attend to so we did not have to send her back to her school in the jungle till Wednesday. We did not have anything to eat for dinner that evening so we stopped by our favourite at Bandong Walk here to see if we could grab something nice quickly and head on home.

No, I did not bother to walk around, not in the heat – I just went straight to my regular Malay kueh stall there and of course, I did not cast a second glance at the things that I can get there…

Mak Met's Breakfast Station

…on regular days but it sure looked like their cucur (fritters) was a best seller.

This is their ayam penyet side…

Penyet Bandong

…where this boy was busy frying…


…their tauhu goreng (fried tofu)…

Tauhu goreng

I remember buying that to try last year but I do not remember being swept off my feet and looking forward to buying more this year.

I bought this makaroni bakar/baked macaroni (RM5.00)…

Baked macaroni

…which was very nice except that it was bolognese. For one thing, I am never a fan of that pasta sauce and for another, I would prefer something local this time of year. They could have used rendang minced beef or satay peanut sauce instead – I probably would love it a lot more.

The kerabu mempelam & kedondong (RM5.00)…


…or pickled local mango and ambarella was so good I could just eat that with rice alone but I loved this one the best – their cucur udang (prawn fritters) salad (RM10.00)…

Cucur udang salad

I would not say that was expensive as there were so many of the prawn fritters and there was a lot of egg and everything else too, the tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce, definitely enough to be shared by three or four. The dressing was actually something like blended chili and yes, it was very nice. I did wish they had some kentang rebus (boiled potatoes) too, just a few slices would do but there was none. I certainly would want to buy again and I would add my own potatoes, that’s for sure.

PASAR RAMADAN BANDONG  is located at Bandong Walk (2.313869, 111.825808) along Jalan Bandong, somewhere in front of the shops in the vicinity.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

4 thoughts on “Quickly…”

  1. It has been such a long long time since I last visited Ramadhan Bazaar. With the hot weather these days, I prefer to stay indoor. Pickled local mango and ambarella looks like an appetising dish. I like the prawn fritters, nice to go the chilli dippings provided.

    All good, what I bought that day even the baked macaroni, just that I am not really crazy about bolognese sauce.

  2. with this heat, maybe we need a ramadan bazaar located inside an air-conditioned location – or at least in a shaded space with lots of blowing fans, heheh 😀

    Ya, actually those air-conditioned shopping malls can set up stalls in their foyer and rent them out this time of year. If what they sell is good, that will attract people by the droves…and may increase the business of the permanent tenants there too. We have one with a huge shaded car park here – just put up fans everywhere and that location would be good enough.

  3. It has been very hot over this side of the country too. Happy to have blue skies those. The month of haze was horrendous.

    Touch wood! So far this year, we have been spared…or over here, at least, thank God!

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