Look no further…

I did mention the other day in my post that the lady at the grocery store told me that this…

SUNSTAR clams in soya sauce
*Archive photo*

…would be the same as the made-in-China clams in soy sauce that for reasons unknown have disappeared from the shelves here – word has it that they have ceased production. She said that it would be exactly the same, also with those very tiny bits of clam inside…


…and incidentally, it says in Malay on the label, “Kepah dalam kicap” so don’t go looking for kerang or cockles as I did try one brand and even though it tasted all right, no, it was not the same, not at all. I sure was delighted when I opened the can and saw that it did look the same and the fragrance was the same too. Of course, the test of the pudding was in the eating so I had to cook it first before I could confirm anything.

These were the ingredients I used…


…some shallots, peeled and sliced, a few cloves of garlic, peeled and chopped and a whole lot of spring onions flourishing in my garden. They usually add cangkok manis, shredded/torn, and I had a bit from the plants in my garden which do not seem to be growing too well but just the other day, my missus harvested all the leaves to cook sayur rebus with some baby corn that she bought. I spotted some leftover long beans fried with egg in the fridge so I just took that and threw it in instead.

I soaked the bihun in hot water first to soften and after draining it well, I added everything from inside the can and mixed thoroughly. As what I would usually do, I fried the shallots and garlic in some oil till golden brown before adding the long beans. Next, I drained away any excess water/sauce in the bihun and added it to what was already in the wok and after stir-frying for some time, I added the spring onions…and lastly, an egg plus a bit of salt and msg according to taste…


That sure was a lot of bihun, enough for breakfast, lunch and dinner…

Fried bihun with canned clams in soya sauce

…and I was very happy that it tasted exactly like how it should taste like and my missus shared the exact same sentiments. Of course, you are entitled to how you may feel about it and if you go and buy a can to try and you think differently, don’t blame me!  As far as I am concerned, I certainly will not be going round looking for the made-in-China ones no more and I think I will go back to the shop one of these days to stock up on the clams, this brand, in case they get sold out and will no longer be available.

KEDAI RUNCIT HEW KEE HONG (2.307562, 111.824969) is the grocery store, the first one in the blocks of shops on your right as you turn into Lorong Delta 10 from Jalan Delta.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

11 thoughts on “Look no further…”

  1. Good that it tasted nice, your bee hoon looks so yummy, I am hungry now, maybe I should suggest to my mom to add clams next time she cooks bee hoon

    Can alternate with stewed pork (chops) or spicy pork cubes – very nice too when fried with one of those.

  2. Your bihun looks tasty. I did see this Sunstar brand clams on the shelves. Since both of you share the same sentiment, I trust your words and I am going to stock up too.

    We see a lot of Sunstar products everywhere but no clams in soya sauce. Good luck!

  3. Oh, I never tasted canned clams before but I do use frozen ones sold in Aeon… The Atlantis brand with assorted seafood inside one packet… Now I see your mihum, I am salivating, tonight I am making Hokkien prawn noodles!

    It is the sauce that makes the difference, Otherwise, one can fry bihun with anything – clams, prawns, oysters and it will taste nice, just not the same thing, not at all.

  4. That really looks delicious. A bowl for me, please? 😉

    It’s nice…but when I went back to the shop to stock up on the clams, they told me that they were all sold out…and they did not know when the next shipment would be. Blimey!!!

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