Home cooked…

Sometimes, when we get back into town after picking up my girl from her school in the jungle on Fridays, we would stop by some place for a very late lunch like what we did here or here or here. The problem is that it will be around 2-3.00 p.m. then and most places would be closed (they will reopen around 6 for dinner) and especially considering that we abstain from meat on Fridays, there are not many places we can go to or things that we can eat.

The other option would be to cook our own food and once we get home, we will heat everything up and eat. That would mean that we would have to cook a day earlier – my missus likes cooking the dishes the night before or at times, I would cook in the morning – I always get up very early on most days, anyway.

These days, we can get frozen fish paste from that fruit & vegetable (and everything else) shop near my house to make fish balls and cook the soup…

Fish ball soup

That sure saves a whole lot of trouble and the fish balls made from the paste…

Fish balls

…are as good as any. The people at the shop will say that it is made from bay ka (ikan tenggiri/mackerel), no less – as far as we are concerned, as long as it is nice, it is fine by us.

Well, other than the soup, the other day, my missus also cooked this claypot fish…

Fish casserole

…except that she cooked it in  a casserole using the filleted fish that she bought from the fishmonger sometime ago and of course, it was very nice. We’re not keen on buying those cheap frozen fish fillet (dory) which isn’t too bad if it is just bland but at times, the texture may be jelly-like or worse, it may have an unpleasant smell. There were tofu puffs, leek, quail eggs, brinjal, mushroom in the dish and that alone may be considered a complete dish on its own.

That sure was a nice change from eating out…and even when we stop some place to eat outside, though it may be less of a hassle, at times, we really do not know what to eat and at other times, we may not really enjoy what we end up having in the end. All that trouble that we will have to go through to have our own home-cooked lunch for our girl when she comes home at the end of the week can be really rewarding and worthwhile when we see her enjoying herself to the max.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “Home cooked…”

  1. I like this kind of simple homecooked dishes. Simple and yet delicious.

    Sure beats eating out at some places, all oil and msg…and dory! Eyewww!!!

  2. Mackerel fish balls are nice. I like it. Not other fish paste.

    Good to come back home to a nice home cooked meal.

    And own-made! I am not into those supermarket ones, so white and no fish taste.

    We try to cook something special for when my girl comes home but she also enjoys eating out so we will alternate sometimes. Whatever makes her happy!

  3. Your missus’ claypot fish sure looks appetizing with some many ingredients in there. I especially like the quail eggs. Just that with rice is good enough for me.

    My girl’s favourite – quail eggs!!!

  4. Wow so many ingredients in the claypot fish dish, yums! Blessed is your girl who is able to enjoy homecooked food by you and your wife. I miss homecooked food!

    Oh? you don’t cook at home?

  5. I really appreciate home-cooked food.

    Somehow or other, people always feel that home-cooked is best, mum’s cooking is always close to their hearts wherever they are, near or far.

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