More than you think I am…

Good Friday is a public holiday here in Sarawak so last Thursday, we went to fetch my girl from her school in the jungle and bring her home for the long weekend. Her school or most, if not all, of the schools in the state have taken Easter Monday off as well.

We dropped off her housemate/colleague at the airport for her flight back to Kuching and headed to the bank to settle some business and it was already 4.00 p.m. when we dropped by here for a very late lunch/early dinner.

They have added a caption to their name…

More than just noodles

…which I would say is most appropriate as there are very few noodle dishes here and a whole lot of other things. We had not been here for a while, not since October last year as I am not all that fond of the boisterous crowd – it can get so noisy that my head will start spinning and I would not enjoy what I would be having, never mind how nice it is. It sure looked like 4 to 5.00 p.m. would be a good time to drop by as there were not so many people and ample (free) parking spaces all around the building – that is another problem here. You may have to park quite a distance away and walk there.

My girl had their sparkling mixed fruit soda (RM7.20)…

Sparkling mixed fruit soda

…and she loved it while I had the red bean smoothie (RM6.50)…

Red bean smoothie

…blended red bean with a scoop of ice cream on top with a few red beans for presentation…and yes, I enjoyed that as well.

My missus had a glass of fresh lemon tea (RM4.20) and this bowl of stewed pork rice (RM7.90)…

Stewed pork rice

…that I would not mind ordering sometimes as they do it pretty well here plus the complimentary soup…

Complimentary soup

…with tiny cubes of tofu and sweet corn that comes with some of their dishes is very nice as well.

My girl wanted one of their burgers but they would only be available at night so she had their nasi biryani with chicken satay (RM16.90)…

Nasi biryani with chicken satay

…which she said was nice and she did manage to finish most of it, leaving a bit of the rice behind, even though there was quite a lot on that plate.

I decided to try their Cantonese sticky rice with stewed pork dumpling (RM12.50)…

Cantonese dumpling

…and it was huge with a lot of meat…

Cantonese dumpling, inside

…inside! I loved the layers of fat that melted in the mouth but I wished the glutinous rice had been softer and a lot more sticky so it would not come across like ordinary rice – this was most disappointing, I must say. Other than that, at that price, I would not mind one salted egg yolk, a couple of kau lak (chestnuts) and shitake mushroom and a few thin slices of lap cheong (Chinese sausage) as well but there were none so personally, for that kind of money (or less), I would choose rather go for something else on their menu that I would enjoy a lot more.

I also ordered their XL Hickory BBQ pork ribs…

XL Hickory BBQ pork ribs

…for a whooping RM46.20 to try. It was very nice but pretty much the same as their barbecued honey spare ribs (RM25.20 only, the last time we had that here) but this one had two of the rack of ribs. Of course we could not finish all of that since we already had our own individual orders so we just had the smaller slab and asked for the other one to be packed for us to take home.

There is no service charge (10%) here, just the 6% SST so the total came up to RM107.50 and I just paid RM110.00 and asked the cashier to keep the change.

NOODLE HOUSE (2.291406,111.829162) is located somewhere in the area immediately behind the Sibu Central Police Station at No. 2B, Ground Floor, Lorong Laichee 1, accessible either from Hua Kiew Road or Laichee Lane.

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10 thoughts on “More than you think I am…”

  1. Among the three, your girl’s choice looks good to me… as for the dumpling, I thought it was rice and not the glutinous type.. maybe they didn’t cook it long enough?

    Or they did not soak the rice overnight before cooking.

    My girl’s pick was good – she could not finish all the satay so we tapao-ed it home along with the ribs and I got to eat that – very nice, very well-marinated, bursting with flavours.

  2. The XL Hickory BBQ pork ribs looks so tempting and the sparkling mixed fruit soda is so refreshing for hot days.

    The ribs were very good, just the price was a bit steep. I guess it is meant to be shared by 2 or 3 people when they are not ordering anything else..

  3. We didn’t get a holiday over here. It is a long weekend in Australia though.

    We’re lucky here – public holiday on Good Friday and schools take an extra day off on Easter Monday. If I am not wrong, there are sales in countries overseas.

  4. They sure have a lot of new stuff on the menu. Like the dumpling.

    Tasted the stewed pork rice before. Not too bad.

    Their stewed pork is very good, a cut above many at the stalls and shops. I love it in their fried kompia too but the price keeps going up so I have not ordered that for a long time now.

  5. I also don’t like noisy restaurant. What I hate the most are teens who are so noisy when they are talking and laughing. Some were even horseplaying. I encountered such group of teens recently in a McDonalds branch. It is so annoying.

    Here, it goes across the board – young and old, all the same. I was at one place and my friend from the peninsula said it was such a nice place, the decor, the ambiance…everything but when the young crowd came in, he changed his mind. So very noisy, no class at all.

  6. The food looks quite decent and it’s nice that they have other dishes besides noodles. The ribs do look very good!

    It was really nice! But at that price, I think I’d settle for the cheaper option if ever I should feel a craving for pork ribs.

    Generally I would say the food here is good – we do have a few favourites, worth checking out, anyone coming to town. I just do not like the noisy lunchtime crowd and parking can be a pain.

  7. The mixed fruits soda looks interesting and refreshing to me. When i am thirsty, i will order fresh lemon tea. I like the caption, so now people know that they not only serve noodles.

    Probably they started off with just noodles and they keep adding new items to their menu, a whole lot to choose from now.

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