When was the last time…

The last time I was here was in February, 2017! No, it has not called it quits or anything – business is as good as always but I had not dropped by as I would choose to go elsewhere for want of something different to blog about.

I always tell people that this is my favourite kampua mee in town though some would insist it is more like a cross between Sibu kampua and Kuching kolo mee, not quite authentic like the real thing.

Well, my sister-in-law flew into town the other day for Ching Ming and on the way down from the airport, we stopped by here for brunch. She had the kampua tau eyew puak lak – in Foochow, that is kampua with dark soy sauce and tossed with chili sauce…

Kampua black with chili sauce

…while my missus had the kampua pak puak lak, kampua white (with chio cheng or light soy sauce) tossed with chili sauce…

Kampua white with chili sauce

I had the white…

Kampua white

…without any of the sauces as I prefer the original taste without all those that may affect it in any way. Usually, they will give you the chili sauce in a small saucer so I can always add that myself whenever I feel like it needs that to enhance the taste a bit. I did not have to do that here, of course – it was just as nice as before. It is now RM3.00 a bowl – I remember it used to be a bit cheaper but that is the going price of kampua mee at most places these days.

I asked for a bowl of the beef soup…

Rasa Sayang beef soup

…to share and yes, it was very nice. I did not ask how much that was though but the overall total for that and the three bowls of noodles and our drinks came up to only RM18.00, only RM6.00 per head – that sure is cheap, don’t you think?

RASA SAYANG CAFE (2.304195, 111.848163) is located at Lorong Pahlawan 7B/3, on your left as you turn into the lane to go straight to the Sibu Bus Terminal.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

11 thoughts on “When was the last time…”

  1. I think I am like you, I will not ask for any sauces too, I like it original as it is good on its own

    Not unless you have a special liking for those sauces but then again, it will not taste the same anymore.

  2. Whenever I have kampua, I go for the white too and same goes to kolo mee, no red. That beef soup sure looks good to have. Nice and full filling brunch…you pi you chi.

    Yes, so cheap and nice. I don’t mind red kolo mee but I prefer white as well.

  3. Yes, I do indeed think it a bargain – especially compared to KL prices.

    It sure is! Most places here are, everything is cheap and nice…but there are exceptions. No second time, whenever I come across any.

  4. I’d say the nicest kampua i had is at Hoover cafe, which uses minced pork rather barbeque slices.

    Google says LongBridge. Is that the one with the yellow chairs? I like the kampua there too. Looks like a lot of my friends have been there, all their posts on the cafe’s Facebook page.

    1. It’s not yellow chair. It’s at Jalan Tan Sri, at the back of Hua Yong Lighting in the town. I googled Hoover Cafe sibu, and you should see the photos and the map for the location.

      Ok, will go and check it out. I’ve seen the name somewhere. Was going to go this morning but I did not go around that part of the woods, plus it was raining.

  5. Enjoy the food there! There’s another stall at the back of the cafe which serves mamak style fried noodles. Porridge seems nice although i haven’t tried it.

    The porridge seems to be the main draw, everybody was having that, except me…and an Iban couple at the next table. I did see the stall at the back, not very popular…busy frying the RM2 a piece fried chicken. I went this morning – blogpost on it coming up real soon!

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