We went to see a movie that day and when we came out, it was pouring cats and dogs so we were looking for a convenient place to go for dinner, some place where we could park right outside and run in quickly and that was why we ended up here…

Caffeine Cafe, outside

It sure looked like they had removed all the ashtrays on the tables outside in compliance with the no-smoking ruling but if there were any signs anywhere regarding this, I did not notice them.

My girl liked some of the food they…

Caffeine Cafe, open kitchen

…dished out here and I did find some delight in some of what I had before, not all.

That night, we ordered the potato salad (RM12.00)…

Potato salad

…and it was served within seconds, literally! At best, we would say it was o.k. – we had had nicer ones elsewhere and for one thing, we thought the potatoes were overdone. They were so soft that they could easily be used to make mashed potatoes.

My girl wanted their pizza mascarpone but they were out of the vegetable for the topping, the aragula so in the end we settled for their Pizza Prosciutto e Funghi (RM32.00)…

Prosciutto e Funghi

…that we had here before and yes, the one here was all right as well.

The people at a table nearby were having the vongole bianco (RM26.90)…

Vongole bianco

…and my girl said it looked pretty good and picked that as our pasta dish. Yes, it was quite nice but I was pissed off by the chipped plate…

Chipped plate

…that they used to serve that.

This was not an isolated case – as a matter of fact, we had a chipped plate too the first time we were here (but I did not take a photograph of it at the time – my girl doesn’t like me doing that but I did mention it in the post) and when I shared the above photograph on Facebook, a friend commented, “I know where it is. We complained about the chipped plates too.” They want to give the impression that this is a classy joint but obviously, the slips are showing. They really must ask the people concerned to handle the crockery more carefully and at the prices they charge, surely they can jolly well afford to have those chipped ones replaced.

Service was good but somehow, the waiting staff insisted on speaking Mandarin – even when I spoke English to them, they would reply in the language. Thankfully, I could understand them pretty well and from what I could hear, the customers at all the other tables were conversing in Mandarin too. I guess this Italian-western and whatever fusion place caters to the kind of crowd in particular.

Initially, I had intended to order dessert after our dinner but I was so mood-spoilt by then that we decided to adjourn next door for that instead. Stick around, folks – post on it coming right up!

CAFFEINE CAFE is located on the ground floor of Wisma Liberty, Block 3, Lorong Pedada 7, off Jalan Pedada – on your left, past the Jalan Ulu Oya Road traffic lights if you are coming from town, just a few doors away from Nica Gelateria (2.302620, 111.842988), to the left at the end of that same block.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “Replaced…”

  1. I would be pissed off by the chipped plates and cups too if I happen to come across them in kopitiam. What more to say in a more classy place like this. The pizza looks good.

    I’ve seen a few at coffee shops too – not too pleased about that either, gives a bad impression but at least, those places are cheap and they do not portray themselves as being classy, not at all.

  2. I get upset too if I am served with chipped crockery. It’s like the restaurant does not care enough about their customers. I wonder if they realize that the chipped crockery might cause injury. You could get cut with the sharp edges.

    And it harbours bacteria!!! Obviously we have a lot of people here who are not bothered about these things – bet they would not even bat an eyelid even if they are served the dishes in those horrendous plastic plates…and personally, I do not think what they dish out is really that sensational, ok, nice but not anything that would get me rushing back for more again…and again.

  3. Geez. They should be careful with their plates. For such fine place, they should not serve customers with chipped plates.

    Nice dinner you guys had there. I always thumb up when come to such cuisine.

    It was, at best, o.k. – not all good, had had a few disappointments but obviously, many like it here – always packed. The chipped plates put me off, no class at all.

  4. If it is a normal coffeeshop and not cafes and fine dining, chipped plates are a common sight… I am also quite particular about chipped plates… they can still be reusable in the kitchen and not to be served to guests…

    Aiyorrrr!!! It harbours bacteria, harmful to health. Better throw them all away!

  5. The crust looks pretty good on that pizza. What movie did you see?

    Yes, the pizza here is ok, just like the ones at the sister restaurant – I like that one better.

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