What she said…

My sister said that the vegetable curry that she had here was very nice so last Friday evening, we decided not to cook and went there for dinner instead.

My girl loves vegetable curry and that would be an ideal dish for our no-meat Friday in the season of Lent. True to what my sister said, it…

My Chef vegetable curry

…was really very nice, a whole lot nicer than the half-baked curry dishes we may get at some Chinese restaurant in town. I asked the lady and she said that we could have beef or chicken curry as well and if we wanted fish, we would have to wait quite a bit as they would need to defrost the fish first.

My missus wanted the kangkong belacan

My Chef kangkong belacan

…which was really good too, definitely a whole lot nicer than what we had here and we got quite a lot of the leaves, not just the stalks. I was quite sure we had that before and when I checked through my blog, I found that I was right – except that we did not like it that time around but it was a different story altogether that night. Perhaps they used a different kind/brand of belacan and this one was a whole lot nicer.

We were told the seafood tofu

My Chef seafood tofu

…would come in a claypot but no, like the curry, it was served in that stainless steel food warmer. There was hardly any seafood in it, just a few very thin slices of the frozen fish fillet, Dory, and I did come across two tiny shrimps, nothing much else. No doubt, it tasted great but I wished the seafood in the dish had been more visible.

I guess I had no cause for complaint for the total for the three dishes plus the rice and the drinks came up to only RM40.00. I thought that was so very cheap but maybe it was because we did not have any meat. Still, considering how much we enjoyed what we had that night, we certainly would love to drop by there again.

MY CHEF RESTAURANT (2.311365, 111.846638) is located along Jalan Pedada in the block of shops to the left of Delta Mall, the second one in that block if you are coming from that direction, with the Astro Sibu office at the other end of that same block.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “What she said…”

  1. Is the kangkung belacan spicy? I like it spicy… like really spicy! HAHA

    Just a bit, this being a Chinese place. Usually, everything at such places is quite mild but I guess one can always ask for it to be spicy. Problem is these days, we can buy a kg of chilies and they are not spicy at all – one seller told me it was due to the overuse of fertilisers. You will need to add cili padi for the kick!

  2. The price is very reasonable. Just this two dishes, vegetable curry and kangkong belacan would make me eat extra bowls of rice. Next time go for the meat dishes and see how is their charges.

    We had meat there before – I think the charges are standard like some of these places here, not all, RM8/RM10 for vegetables, RM12 or more for meat and other dishes.

  3. I love vegetable curry. The vegetarian ones can be so tasty. I can just have that with rice and be satisfied.

    Never tried the vegetarian ones but this one’s really good.

  4. That curry vegetables indeed looks good! I love vegetable curry too, I can eat just that dish with rice! Unfortunately this time I forgot to buy the paste over… just curry chicken ones I bought…

    I think I’ve seen instant pastes for vegetable curry before but rarely. Should be the same to use the ones for meat or fish to cook it – we do that sometimes.

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