Back to front…

I was in the vicinity of the Butterfly Garden or Butterfly Park, whatever it is called – the permanent site of the pasar malam (night market) here in Sibu. Usually, it is virtually impossible to find a parking space here but I was early and even so, the spaces available were few and far between. If I am not wrong, many will park their cars here and walk to the Sibu Central Market as the chances of finding a space here is a lot higher than if one were to try at the areas closer to the market.

I was lucky and after I had parked my car, I saw a lot of people at this coffee shop…

Sio Hin Cafe

…eating the kampua mee from this old lady’s stall…

Sion Hin, kampua mee stall

…and I decided to go and give it a try. The plump little boy is the lady’s grandson and it always pleases me to see such good well-brought up little kids helping out in any way they can, instead of sitting there all engrossed in their gadgets . He helped with the collecting of the plates, bowls and everything after the customers had left and even did the washing up too. I did not see him doing the serving though – perhaps the lady did not want him to handle the hot stuff lest he got scalded or something.

It turned out that this was the back part of this coffee shop that we checked out once, three years ago. We had the fried stuff from one of the stalls there and we thought that what we had were really good, just that we never went back again…for one obvious reason – the parking problem.

I can’t say I approved of the use of those plastic plates and bowls but the liver soup (RM2.00, small)…

Sion Hin Cafe, liver soup

…was very nice even though I did not think there was any of our traditional Foochow red wine in it. It was not overpowering where the ginger was concerned and I could taste the flavour of the thinly-sliced liver, cooked to perfection and not hard and overcooked like some,  in the soup and the best part was there was hardly any hint of any msg in it. Those who are used to the white stuff and a lot of salt would probably think this was quite bland but I loved it – just like what we would cook ourselves at home.

The kampua mee (RM3.00)…

Sion Hin Cafe, kampua mee

…was great too, quite typical of the original/authentic ones in town and the kopi-o-peng (iced coffee, black) that I had was RM1.80, same as most other places in town and was just as good as the good ones around.

That sure was very filling, enough to last through lunch and it was only around AUD/NZD2.35, altogether inclusive of the drink.

SION HIN CAFE is the first coffee shop in the last block of shops along Blacksmith Road (at its junction with Jalan Pulau/Island Road) and this back entrance of the same coffee shop (2.288018, 111.826740) faces the site of the Sibu Night Market (Pasar Malam) at the Butterfly Garden/Park along Market Street.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “Back to front…”

  1. My spouse loves liver soup like this too. I would help him by eating some of the liver. I like the portion of kampua mee, not too much, just the right amount for me. Good of the grandson to help out. Was it a weekend or does he help out after school hours?

    Yes, that was Saturday morning so I guess he did not have to go to school. I asked the old lady and beaming with pride, she told me that was her grandson.

  2. Indeed a nice filling breakfast. I like the liver soup when the liver is not overly done and not bloody too.

    Yes, overcooked liver is hard, not nice…and if undercooked, lots of blood on it, I also feel geli-geli to eat.

  3. Liver soup with some wine is so good. I only drink the soup. Not taking the liver if I could avoid it. Otherwise I would have to dip the liver well in chilli and soy sauce dipping before I could bite in. Lol.

    Yes, I do think sliced fresh chili in soy sauce would be a good dip for liver. I did not get that here…nor at another place – come back and see that in tomorrow’s post!

  4. I love liver soup! Long ago there was one lady selling mee jawa and her two kids would man the stall themselves during the school holidays. Quite impressive as they were quite young, early teens I would say. What I liked was that they were very generous with the ingredients. LOL!

    Oh dear! I hope the lady did not run at a loss with gernerous kids like those. LOL!!!

  5. The plump boy must be eyeing at you when you took that picture… oh talking about kampua noodles, I brought one packet of kampua noodles with me to Aberdeen.. my friend gave the whole packet to me… wait, I must refer back to your old posts on how to cook it reallllll nice!!

    If you bought The Kitchen brand instant kampua, the instructions are at the back and you cannot keep too long, no preservatives!

  6. i wonder whether the grandson will grow up into an F&B person himself! some of the restaurateurs and chefs i’ve met have talked about helping their parents at their food stalls throughout their childhood …

    Probably. He certainly has the shape like one already. LOL!!!

  7. Till today I did not have a chance to try authentic Kampua Mee, but I think I will like the taste of it from the look of it.

    There are places selling it in SG…and the celebrated The Kitchen Sibu instant kampua is available at a lot of places in your island republic.

  8. I am with you on preferring no plastic plates or bowls, or plastic anything for that matter.

    Yes, they’ve banned plastic bags or reducing the use, no more plastic straws soon but all for the environment, not a health issue or not directly, at least. They should ban the use of plastic plates and stuff especially when used to serve hot food as it can be harmful to health.

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