You’re next…

My friends’ eldest son, Daniel, got married in 2014. Wow!!! Was it that long ago? That was some 5 years ago and of course, he and his wife, Natalie, are blessed with one pretty little girl now and last Saturday, the 23rd of March, my friends’ youngest son, Alvin, tied the knot with the love of his life, Stellia. Of course, we were at the church service…

Wedding mass

…that morning for what I always believe to be the most important part of any wedding for the solemnisation of their marriage vows.

I did not go round taking a whole lot of photographs as they had a few professional guys to do the job but I did get this shot of the father of the bride with his daughter…

Here comes the bride

…as they walked up to the altar to give away her hand in Holy Matrimony and another one of the bride and groom…

Just married

…as they were walking out of the church as man and wife.

That night, we attended the wedding reception at the grand ballroom of the leading hotel in town…


…and no, I did not take a lot of photographs either…


…but I did snap one of my favourite duck stuffed with glutinous rice…

Duck stuffed with glutinous rice

I guess I enjoyed it very much which prompted my girl to comment that I had quite a few helpings that night.

Both my friends were in the education service, now retired…like me and the gathering that night was like one big happy reunion, meeting so many old friends – teachers, principals most of whom are retired too…like me. We sure had a lovely evening, I must say.

Thank you so much, Catherine & Stephen for the invitation and congratulations to you two, the proud parents and of course, to Alvin and Stellia – may God bless you both with abundant bliss in the years ahead. All the best, cheers!

Author: suituapui

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11 thoughts on “You’re next…”

  1. Duck stuffed with glutinous rice sounds yummy. A delicious meal for a wonderful occasion. Congrats to the bride and bridegroom.

    Thank you. Yes, one of the signature dishes here – I always look forward to that when I get invited to dinner here.

  2. Duck stuffed with glutinous rice sounds yummy. A good meal for a wonderful occasion. Congrats to the bride and bridegroom.

    Oopsss!!! Duplicate comment! No worries! The more the merrier. LOL!!!

  3. Hi STP, recently got a bit of problem leaving comment in your blog, always the first time I typed the comment, it does not appear so I have to type the second time which explains the duplicate comment.

    I wonder why. Others do not seem to have a problem? I encounter this same thing in one blog in particular – nothing happens so I will click again but there is a notice saying: Duplicate comment. You said that already…or something like that. I will log out and log in again and true enough, the comment will be there. Happens everytime!

  4. Beautiful blushing bride. Congrats to the newly wed.

    Yummy. I would enjoy that duck. Don’t think I ever taste such before.

    Thank you. All the years you were in Sibu, you never attended a wedding banquet at Kingwood? Most of the time, they will have this dish – their specialty.

    1. I have been to once. Before moved to Sibu. A cousin of hubby got married there. I don’t remember they served the duck though.

      Oh! Maybe it wasn’t a regular feature at the time or your hubby’s cousin did not want that dish, opted for something more expensive…or like my missus, they do not eat duck…or maybe it was out of stock. I hear they import the duck, frozen, from Taiwan or some place – they just defrost and heat it up in the oven.

  5. Congrats to the newly wed.

    Duck stuffed with glutinous rice seems a great combo. So far, I have never seen this combo appeared in any restaurant over here. We have glutionous rice wrapped in leaves.

    Thank you. The wrapped in lotus leaves chicken and glutinous rice is something like lor mai kai. I do remember eating this duck stuffed with glutinous rice at another restaurant here, dunno if they still have it.

  6. Well, someday you may be next, the proud papa giving away the apple of his eye! My dad hasn’t given me away yet. LOL!

    Let us pray…HARD!!! No prospects at all, stuck in that school in the jungle.

  7. It looks like a lovely service.

    I so love church weddings. Would be even nicer if it had been in an old traditional church, stained glass windows and all. I love those!

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