Each passing day…

I just received this Chinese New Year greeting card from my cousin and her family in Melbourne, Australia…

CNY card

…a few days ago. Well, it was a bit late for Chinese New Year’s Day proper but still very much in time for the festive season which ends on Chap Goh Meh (the 15th Night) next week, thank you so much to all of them!

This card is really special as it is not just a card. In fact, it doubles as a desk calendar at the back…

Desk calendar

…12-in-1 so I do not even have to turn the page twelve times in a year.

Yes, I am really hopeless with these things – I get the 12-page desk calendar from the Mouth & Foot Artists every year and unless I have given them away to somebody, they are all somewhere in the house, still brand new.

My 2016 Year of the Monkey a page-a-day wall calendar…

Wall calendar

…is still hanging on the wall on the cover page, not even the 1st of January…

A page a day

…talking about standing still in time. LOL!!! My dad used to love this kind of calendars whereby without fail, he would dutifully go and tear a page each passing day to see if it would be a good day or not. I kept telling him that they would print the same thing year in, year out and only the numbers had been changed but it all fell on deaf ears. Ah well! As long as it made him happy, we just let him be.

What about all of you? More into digital clocks and calendars…or you are completely dependent on your smart phone?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “Each passing day…”

  1. Chinese calendars are actually very useful, some can even predict the weather, like your dad, I will dutifully tear one page each day, it is a habit for me

    For one thing, I do not read Mandarin so it would take me quite a while to figure out. It was my dad’s daily routine – to tear a page when he woke up first thing every morning.

  2. Like your dad, I still prefer the tearing a page calendar. I bought one and each passing day, I will tear it without fail. Old habits die hard. The Almanac come out just one week before CNY and it cost a bomb to get one, RM8.50.

    Wahhh!!! You must be really very disciplined like how my late dad was – he never missed a day! I used to buy our Sarawak Almanac every year when I was working – not anymore.

  3. I like to live a simple life with a minimum amount of stuff – so no paper calendars nor even a clock on my walls.

    But there’s no getting away from telling the time and checking the dates, that’s for sure.

  4. i don’t have any physical watches or calendars anymore – which i think is also a shame – looking at your cute calendars, they would certainly brighten up the walls and the tables 😉

    Now that you mentioned it, I am reminded of the good old days in our wooden houses when we would pick the nicest looking calendars to hang on the walls. Those days, the most popular ones would be those of the most popular Hong Kong actresses like Lin Dai and the rest.

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