A little wine…

Yes, we still have A LOT of leftovers in the fridge – chicken curry, satay beef, masak hitam beef and kacang ma chicken and that day, I was feeling like I have had enough of all those rich foods and was thinking of having something mild and not so heavy.

Well, I still had some of the giant udang galah (freshwater prawns) in the freezer so I took out one of the smaller plastic containers to defrost and cook. There were not all that many, 9-10, perhaps, just enough for one meal.

I marinated them with a tablespoon of sesame oil and quite a bit of our traditional Foochow red wine…


…and then I added some garlic and the spring onions from my garden, finely chopped and a lot of ginger, julienned and topped it all with the Chinese celery also from my garden…


After getting it all ready, I put it in the steamer and steamed the dish for some 15-20 minutes…


Yes, it was nice enough – it probably could do with a little more wine and I’ve seen drunken prawns served at the restaurants with egg white all over it. I was not all that keen to do the same as only the whites would be used – I had to find some other thing to do with the yolks.

That sure was a welcome change and everyone enjoyed it…


Now what shall I do with the rest of the prawns in the freezer? I guess I can just keep them. They would be as good as new if I do not take them out or there is no prolonged blackout in our town, a regular problem at my girl’s school in the jungle with the electricity  supply from the ancient & cranky diesel-run generators, touch wood!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “A little wine…”

  1. Wow! The steam prawns look good to me, this year reunion dinner we did not have any prawn

    I think these will cost a bomb over there. The ones this size used to be RM40 a kg, then RM45, then RM50…and that day, the lady said it was RM55 (around SGD18.00) but she would sell to me at RM50. Would be a lot more expensive if buying on Chinese New Year’s Eve.

  2. Usually when we eat prawns, we would suck the shells to get the juice out of it, yums!

    Nothing much in these. I suspect those popular restaurants have a secret conspiracy with the suppliers – if you eat there, you will find that ALL their prawns will have that very lovely pinkish orange stuff in the head. However, once, there was word going round that all the cholesterol is in the head – safe to eat the body.

  3. I steamed my prawns the same way you did except without the Chinese celery. Simple and yet delicious.

    Oh? Yes, this is definitely up your alley, Chinese -style. I just followed my instincts – one thing I know for sure, one can never go wrong with prawns, will always be nice.

  4. So delicious! Your prawns look big. I prefer to eat prawns rather than other meat. I believe food can be kept in the freezer for up to 3 months before they get freezer burn and won’t taste good anymore.

    3 months? That’s a long time, I don’t think I will keep for that long but yes, I think I did experience that before – fish or prawns stored for an extended period of time, not so sweet in the end, somewhat bland. Best to avoid that.

    Prawns this size would be the best. Those with legs are crowd pullers but they are too big – the meat is hard, like lobster…and they are a lot more expensive Smaller than this, it’s cheaper but you have to go through the hassle of peeling and eating.

  5. Your steamed prawns look so good. This year we ate prawns only once because Ethan suffered quite serious allergy reaction to it so we stopped ordering prawns for the rest of our meals.

    Oh dear!!! Is he allergic to crabs, cockles, clams and all those? Usually if one is allergic to one, it runs across the board, allergic to all seafood. Can send him for an allergy blood test – my girl just went to one, all negative. Dunno what triggered the gluten intolerance last year and she fell really sick. Much better now. Still gluten free mostly but not so paranoid about it anymore.

  6. Your steamed prawns look great! Yes, after all the rich food and lots of eating, it is nice to get back to basics and eat something less taxing on the digestive system.

    I think these would cost a bomb there, cooked. I wonder what the prices for the fresh ones, uncooked, would be there.

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