Way too much…

To say that my missus went overboard with her cooking would be an understatement. I do feel she cooked way too much of each dish and way too many dishes. I guess that arises from the fact that she has fixed recipes for HUGE servings for her family and she had a BIG family to cook for. I would be quite lost if  I were to cook so much at one go but not her! And she does not scrimp on the ingredients, unlike me, so of course, every dish was so very nice.

We were not celebrating this year but her niece, the one working in Singapore, would come home for the festive season and like what we would do every year, we would ask her and her parents to come over to our house to enjoy her aunt’s specials. This would be the least we could do to reciprocate for all the dinner treats every time she was back here in the course of the year and other than that, she would cart home a whole lot of things to give to us. This time around, among a whole lot of other things, she gave us a Philips air fryer! Oh dear!!! I’m not too sure ancient dinosaurs like us would know how to use it. LOL!!!

Usually, my other brother-in-law in Bintulu would come back for Chinese New Year too and we would get him and his family to join us for the dinner as well but this year, they decided to give it a miss because of the horrendous condition of the inter-town trunk road owing to the construction of the Pan-Borneo Highway…so there would be vacant seats at my 8-seater dinner table, big enough for 10 or maybe even 12 though that may be quite a tight squeeze.

I wanted to invite Karan who is back all the way from India – he cut my hair that day for Chinese New Year (for free) but he had his own commitments but Peter and Andy could make it – they invited us to dinner on New Year’s Day that evening.

We had the salad…


…the one that I forgot to take a photo of the night before before the dressing was poured all over it and this was the chicken curry…


…that we had a bit of for our reunion dinner and there was the kacang ma chicken as well – Peter enjoyed it so much while Andy loved the curry even though they have their own versions of the dishes at their café.

My photo of the satay beef came out blur and I did not take one of the masak hitam beef that somebody gave to my sister-in-law and she gave it to us, a whole lot of it. We had the meatballs…


…again minus the sweet and sour sauce this time but these had prawn added and were good enough on their own. We did not have any in the ones the previous night as my sister is allergic to those crustaceans.

I bought this siew yoke (roast pork)…

Siew yoke

…from one of our favourte places in town, all lean plus the skin and I think it was not so nice because it did not have any fat, none at all so the meat was kind of dry and hard.

Of course, there had to be fish so I steamed another kim chio


…but it did not seem all that popular. I guess it came across as kind of mild and unexciting and paled in comparison with all the stronger tasting dishes in the spread.

My missus also had this dish of fried broccoli and shitake mushrooms…

Broccoli mushroom

…which did not seem all that popular either mainly because there was just simply too much to eat, I think…and she also cooked some yellow rice to go with everything – I did not take a photograph of that either.

Personally, I enjoyed the stewed too kha (pork leg)…

Too kha

…the most, eaten with the sambal belacan that I prepared specially for this.

Oh no!!! My missus forgot the prawns! My niece loves those – I guess we will have to get her to come back again for another dinner before she goes back to Singapore.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “Way too much…”

  1. Dry meatballs with prawns in them? Must be very delicious! I can understand why the fish and broccoli dishes are not that popular . Mainly because the other dishes are way more flavourful and tasty and everyone’s stomach space is limited so they can only eat their favourite dishes more. Or maybe they subscribe to the thought that must leave the fish for another day so they didn’t eat it that much.

    Yes, Chinese cooking is generally simple and not as exciting but no worries! We’ve managed to finish both dishes by now – not that much left to go.

  2. That’s a lot to enjoy. One dish kacang ma together with the meatballs and that plate of greens is enough for me. Yummy!!!….😋😋😋

    I can see you are more inclined towards Chinese cooking. You’d probably like the phak lor too kha – come back to see why I did not enjoy it as much as I would – the truth will be revealed in tomorrow’s post.

  3. Your missus’ way of cooking loads is just like my late grandma – she always said that it is better to have more than not enough. So she too cooked a whole lot of food and we end up having the reheated dishes over the new year. Oh, that salad must be the one dressed with your fabulous raw egg and salad cream dressing! If I were there, your kim chio would have been very popular hee… hee….

    Old school, like my landlady in Singapore too. Yes, that’s my family salad dressing – you’ve tried, right? OK but not as nice this time as no salad cream in town, dunno why they do not stock up on that – had to use mayo…and crushed cashew nuts as my sis is allergic to peanuts. We managed to finish the leftover kim chio from the two nights yesterday, no waste.

  4. She cooked up a storm! All so nice. What a feast. I wouldn’t be able to cook for big family. Lol.

    Yes, me neither! If I have to fry rice or noodles for a lot of people, I would have to do plate by plate and put it altogether.

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