I never had it so good…

My paternal uncle, my late dad’s younger brother, invited us to his grandson’s 2nd birthday celebration on Sunday evening, the eve of Chinese New Year’s Eve, at a leading hotel in town.

I guess the theme was one of jungle animals…

Party theme, jungle animals

…and I must say it sure was impressive and took my breath away. These kids really have it so good these days – their parties would certainly put the ones we had when we were little to shame.

There were all those lovely cupcakes…

Cupcakes 1

…lots of them…

Cupcakes 2

which they asked everybody to help themselves to after the cutting of the birthday cake by the birthday boy and there were tarts too…


…and a tray of Swiss roll…

Swiss roll

…as well.

Of course, dinner started with our traditional longevity noodles, the mee sua

Mee sua

…complete with the golden egg but instead of the usual chicken in traditional Foochow red wine soup, what we had that night was herbal chicken soup and I rather enjoyed it, something different for a change and because there were only 8 at our table for 10, there were extras and I helped myself to one of the two bowls and ate on behalf of whoever did not show up. LOL!!!

After that came the more-than-Four Seasons…

More than Four Seasons

…followed by this steamed fish…


…and this duck & chicken combo…

Duck & chicken

This dish of lamb done butter prawn style…


…did not really tickle my fancy but I sure enjoyed the braised sea cucumber that came after that…

Sea cucumber

There was another dish, mixed vegetables and dessert of almond jelly and longans but I did not take any photographs of those.

The “elders” in the family were given this door gift…

Door gift 1

– I am the birthday boy’s uncle, my cousin’s son, so I got one too and inside was this very nice “gold coin”…

Door gift 2

…for The Year of The Pig. Hopefully, that will bring me good luck in the year ahead!

It certainly was a delightful party and get-together with everybody from my paternal side of the family.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “I never had it so good…”

  1. Wow! What a luxurious birthday celebration for the grandson. And to give the gold coin door gift to the elders since it is near CNY – so generous!

    Yes, it sure was a lavish party! And the kids were invited to take one of the animal balloons home at the end of the party – I sure wouldn’t mind the pink flamingo but unfortunately 2nd childhood kids don’t count. LOL!!!

  2. What a grand birthday celebration for your uncle’s grandson. Is this their first grandson? Kids these days really have everything they want. Time have change.

    Indeed, things are so different these days. The first grandson from this son, his youngest. They did not have a party last year for his first birthday as my aunt was unwell then.

  3. Fuiyoh…got gold coin …and it’s not those with the chocolate inside…huat la

    No, but it is very very thin, like aluminium foil. Dunno real gold or not, maybe just the coating.

  4. Xin Nien Khuai Le! What a grand celebration for the little one! I like the animal theme and the cupcakes are so cute. Oohh… I like that piggy gold coin!

    Yes, the kids in us are attracted to these themes as well, interesting. We had such a deprived childhood.

  5. nice pics – jotham won’t be able to remember his second birthday celebration when he’s older, but there’ll be lots of great photos to show him that his family made a lot of effort for this bash! 🙂

    I am not too sure about that especially these days when people hardly print out hard copies of their photos. Used to keep in floppy disks, then thumb drives, then burn onto cd’s…but these days, they’re in my albums in MY PICTURES and on Facebook. I’ve lots of Flickr too…but they are going to remove the older ones in a couple of days and cut down the number to just 1,000 in each account. I stand to lose a lot of mine…and when that happens, they will all disappear from my old posts!

  6. What that is certainly a spread! My dad was a birthday cake and a game of pass the parcel 😉

    I had that too! And the last one got to win the present inside. No Musical Chairs? LOL!!!

  7. First time heard of butter prawn style lamb, wonder how it tastes. Wow golden piggy coin to bless you with more good luck and huat huat this year hee hee

    So far, no huat yet, two draws already…but there will be more in the days and months in the year ahead.

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