Not too far from here…

Last Friday, we went to get my girl from her school in the jungle and we gave a lift to her colleague/housemate to the Sibu airport for her flight back to Kuching for the week-long Chinese New Year holidays.

My girl wanted to go to our Sarawak-own fast food franchise there but I was not keen on the idea as it is not a very big place, often crowded with passengers and being at the airport, the prices are higher than their outlets elsewhere plus one would have to park the car in the parking zone and walk all the way to the terminal and pay the fee using one of those machines before leaving.  I called a friend to see if there is an outlet at Sibujaya, the satellite town not too far from the airport, right around the corner and yes, there is one…

Sugar Bun Sibujaya

…in the section with all the new shops so I guess this outlet would be pretty new…

Sugar Bun Sibujaya side entrance

…as well.

Inside, there is the regular counter…


…and another one for the pizza


…and there is seating upstairs as well, on the first floor.

My girl had her favourite fish fillet (RM11.90)…

Fish fillet savoury rice

…with their very nice savoury rice while the mum had their claypot chicken curry (RM12.30)…

Claypot chicken curry

…that came with a plate of rice and pickles – one would get this with any of their claypot dishes…

Rice & pickles

I had their assam fish once and though I did enjoy it very much, I had the head so there wasn’t much to eat. I asked my friend who runs the place and he told me that I could ask for the body and that was exactly what I did that day so this was what I got (RM12.60)…

Assam fish

…and yes, that certainly was a delightful lunch which is saying quite a lot actually, considering that I am not so much into franchise places.

SUGAR BUN Sibujaya (2.239502, 111.977727) is located at Lot 1226 Block 1 Manyan Land District at the Sibu Jaya Commercial Centre.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

4 thoughts on “Not too far from here…”

  1. Deep fried tilapia fish and assam fish are both my choices from Sugar Bun. Honestly, I prefer Sugar Bun to KFC.

    Definitely nicer! My friend home from India that day, Karan – he rattled through all the things he enjoys so much here and Sugar Bun is in his list! I like their fish sandwich too.

  2. ahhh, sugar bun! it’s been quite awhile since i last visited their branches in kl – hope they’re still doing well here too! 🙂

    Hopefully. I do enjoy going for something here once in a while. Gotta support our own Sarawak fast food franchise once in a while.

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