Little differences…

I do enjoy the ethnic Dayak culinary delight, their pansoh babi hutan

Pansoh babi hutan

– wild boar cooked in bamboo and I do have some of the much coveted meat in my freezer. My friend’s father, retired and living in the interior somewhere, would go hunting and he did manage to get one recently and I bought some from him through the aforementioned friend.

I did try cooking a bit of it the way we would do it in the family but either I added too much water or the boar was not old enough so the very lovely fragrance of the meat was not all that strong. At best, it was nice but the older ones would be very much nicer.

My friend’s hubby was so nice as to do everything for me, removing the hair and what not…right down to cutting the meat into bite-size pieces. All I would have to do is to cook it…and that day, I decided to take a bit of the meat…

Babi hutan

…and cook it pansoh-style but with some little differences. For one thing, I did not cook it in bamboo and for another, I did not have any tepus, a ginger plant – some say it is a must-have in pansoh-anything.

Having said that, I think I had most of everything else…


…the shallots, garlic, ginger, lengkuas (galangal), serai (lemon grass), daun kesum (Vietnamese mint) and I even threw in one of my kunyit (turmeric) flowers. Of course, I cooked the meat in the slow cooker until all the juices and the fat/oil had come out before I mixed all the ingredients with it…and I added a bit of salt, water and some tuak (the Traditional Dayak rice wine) as well.

The traditional way would be to line the bamboo tube with banana leaves and everything would be placed inside before stuffing the mouth closed with tapioca leaves and to stand it beside some hot burning charcoal to cook.

The way I did it, it turned out really nice too…


…but personally, I still prefer how we would cook it all this time in the family…but this sure is a welcome change.