On our own…

A big thank you to my cousin in Kuching for the very nice Chinese New Year card…

CNY card 2

…that she sent me, the 2nd one that I’ve received this year. I thought that was so cute, Papa Piggy and Mama Piggy carrying the taels of gold signifying riches or wealth in abundance.

And this gorgeous one…

CNY card 3

…just arrived yesterday all the way from another cousin of mine in Perth, Australia so this one is 3rd in line. I doubt we can find such nice ones here. She even added this interesting sticker…

The Year of the Pig

…at the back of the envelope.

I did not send out any this year not because of any particular reason – just that the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Unlike Christmas cards, I don’t think there is any problem getting hold of them around here and anyway, I do have quite a lot from the Mouth & Foot Artists but I just never got round to it.

I think I did mention a few times that we will not be celebrating this year, no open house and no visiting family and friends either, as it has not been a year since my mum passed away – the 1st anniversary will be next month, in March. However, we would have something on our own at home, like the reunion dinner on a very small scale. We would just cook a few simple dishes and invite my sister to join us as she would be alone and we would probably buy some cakes and cookies and snacks as well.

The nice lady at the bank, my friend, asked me the other day if I would want to reserve some new bank notes for my ang paos but I told her that we would not be celebrating so I would not be giving out any this year. I did ask for some of their red packets though – my missus collects them and my sister as well so I can always give to them…

Ang pao packets

I am glad that unlike in previous years, they have subtly done away with the animal in the Chinese zodiac. I do prefer that as I can use the ang paos whenever I like – otherwise, it would be another 12 years before I can use them again as each year, there will be a different animal.

The other night, I went to that supermarket in town to buy some Mandarin oranges…

Buying Mandarin oranges

…to enjoy, this once-a-year thing. Traditionally, it is believed that red and gold are auspicious colours that will bring good fortune and prosperity in the coming year. The nice boys went through each and every one of the oranges to make sure they were all in good condition and if any were less than satisfactory, they would be quickly replaced.

There was a man who got there before me and he wanted to buy 8 boxes altogether. He looked old but my guess is he wouldn’t be all that old, maybe around my age or a bit older or to the most, in his early 70’s. The boys diligently went through all the oranges one by one and I was quite pissed off by how grumpy and fussy he was! When one asked him for his opinion, he snapped back somewhat fiercely and sarcastically, “You say it is good, it is good lah!!!” No, he did not say much else but he just stood there looking very angry like he was angry about something. Why! I even saw him taking some of the fruits and pressing them with his thumb – that is one habit some people have that I absolutely detest and why would anyone want to press an orange! Even if the fruit had been good in the first place, the unwarranted pressure would spoil them eventually. I absolutely hate it when I see buyers doing this when buying fruits, tomatoes and so on.

I was somewhat pissed off by his behaviour and attitude and that got me thinking – is it because of age that people become grumpy like that? Or is it some people’s second nature – they are born like that? Or is it the home environment, the upbringing…or is it this thing about some people – they think they have the money so it is their prerogative to boss people around?

Whatever the reason, I certainly would not want to end up like that – such unpleasantness sure leaves a bitter taste in one’s mouth, so to speak. One thing’s for sure, the world would be a very much nicer place if everyone can be nice to everybody, never mind whether they are rich or poor, young or old…and regardless of race, colour or creed. Like how the song goes, “What the world needs now…is love!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

5 thoughts on “On our own…”

  1. Last time I used to collect these red packets as a hobby but not now. Like you and for the same reason, I prefer they do away with the printing of the Chinese zodiac animals on the red packets too. Hard to get from banks these days.

    No problem for me, the people at the bank near my house are all very nice.

  2. Bought my mandarin oranges last weekend. Thankfully we were able to open and check on the oranges and exchange for any spoiled fruit. But I don’t see people pressing or squeezing fruits. Lol. Not a good habit.

    No piggy greeting card this year. Not to mention ang pow packets. Lol. But I am not complaining, prefer the general packets without the zodiac.

    Bought mine at Ta Kiong here. The boys would check, just stand by the side and watch…and they would even help carry the boxes to the car. Such good service!

    Yes, the vegetable seller said he had to charge more for the tomatoes because people kept pressing…and he showed me all the bruises, said that those would have to be thrown away, already spoilt – who would want to buy! I don’t know if those people who do a thing like that is stupid or what. Brainless!!!

  3. Oh yes, I have come across such nasty people who are just naturally rude and very negative. I too often wonder why they are like that.

    The world would definitely be a much nicer place if everyone can try to be nice to others.

  4. I used to collect ang bao with elegant designs as I cannot resist them but not anymore now, it is a waste if we cannot finish using them. I believe as someone ages, some will become grumpy, I hope I will not be like that when I am old. I hope to stay young at heart!

    Well, you’re still young. I’m old but hopefully, not grumpy.

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