You got it wrong…

Last Friday, as usual, we drove to my girl’s school in the jungle to get her and bring her home for the weekend. I gathered that she had not been eating well all week as the food she got in the lunch packs from a caterer in her school was not to her liking so to cheer her up, I suggested stopping by the Japanese place for our late lunch and of course, that instantly brought a smile to her face!

We had some reruns, the sushi from the carousel that we had before on our previous visits but I don’t think we had this one…

Sushi 1

…before nor this one…

Sushi 2

…or this one…

Sushi 3

I also ordered this unagi cheese maki (RM13.00)…

Unagi cheese maki

…and yes, we all thought it was very nice.

The yasai (vegetable) tempura (RM6.80)…

Yasai tempura

…was all right and like the last time we had those with the not-all-that-nice soft shell crab, the pumpkin was the nicest while the rest of the vegetables were just so-so. There was a lot more actually but by the time I got around to snapping a photograph of it, my girl and the mum had already helped themselves to a couple of pieces from the basket.

I ordered a mackerel dish and I thought I would need some rice to go with it so I ordered the plain curry rice (RM8.80)…

Plain curry rice

The curry was not bad, a little spicy and went well with the rice and knowing how my girl likes the miso soup, I have the complimentary bowl to her to enjoy.

Instead of the mackerel that we wanted, we got this instead – their fried ebi (11.80)…

Fried ebi

We should have checked the order chit once they had keyed in our orders but we did not…and when I pointed out to the girl that they had got it wrong, she wanted to take it back but I said it was all right. We would just have that and go for the mackerel another time. Now, wasn’t I nice? Hehehehehe!!!

I did not think the prawns, like the aforementioned soft shell crab,  were anything to shout about though – they were rather bland, quite tasteless and even dipping it in the sauce that came with the dish did not help much.

The total for all that we had came up to RM82.70 (inclusive of 10% service charge) and my girl insisted on paying for it this time around. She sure is such a sweet girl, really.

SUSHI MENTAI, Sibu (2.303279, 111.843161) is located at Wisma Sri Minyak, Lot 3065, S/L4, No. 23&25, Ground Floor, Pedada Lane 7 (Now Jalan Dr. Wong Soon Kai).

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4 thoughts on “You got it wrong…”

  1. To those who love Japanese cuisine, they will definitely enjoy them but unfortunately I am not one of them. All I can say is they look pretty good. Like you always say, Arthur….as long as Mel is happy you are happy too.

    Yes, I am not really crazy about Japanese too. Nice but no, I’ve yet to come across anything that can sweep me off my feet. We’re old school, not into this current trend unlike the young ones today.

  2. I would enjoy the food except curry. Still not acquired to Japanese curry. Lol.

    Nowhere near our Malaysian ones or the Indonesian and Indian ones but that is the kind of curry you will get if you stay overseas…like when I was in Plymouth in the 90’s, even at their Indian restaurants. Will have to cook one’s own.

  3. I passed by Sushi Mentai today and I told my partner that we should visit one evening. Somehow, Japanese curry is not for me.

    Not for me either but what to do? Limited choices on the a la carte menu and I wanted the rice…and vegetables as I ordered mackerel…just that it never came.

  4. I don’t mind Japanese Curry once in a while even though it is sweeter in taste and not as spicy

    To me, it’s all right. Quite nice, just different.

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