On the menu…

After my not-too-successful attempt at cooking my own, I tried a fried adaptation and though it turned out all right, I still had no idea what the real thing would be like. That was why I was delighted to see this banner…

La'zzaty Cuisine nasi ulam


I dropped by the other morning and wanted to order that but the nice and friendly guy suggested their nasi kerabu. It so happened that it was their special for the day so of course, I wanted to give theirs a try. It seems that it is available only on Tuesdays and Saturdays…

On the counter

…unlike that other place that we used to frequent a lot. They only have it on Saturdays now and we did drop by twice, at least, but the place was so crowded and everyone was sitting there waiting, looking very unhappy so we just left and went elsewhere. Last Saturday, I went again with the intention of buying it home – it seemed that they were quite fast with the takeaways, no need to wait like…forever to be served but it was not open! Tsk! Tsk!!! I really wonder how people can do business like that and still survive.

Later, the aforementioned guy came to tell me that the chicken was not ready – they would have barbecued honey chicken by the side but I could pick anything I wanted from their nasi campur (mixed rice) cabinet and I chose the sotong (squid) kerabu

La'zzaty Cuisine nasi kerabu

Yes, it was very nice. I loved the cili sumbat, the stuffed chili…

La'zzaty Cuisine cili sumbat

…a lot. Elsewhere, they would just fill the chili with the filling but here, there is so much filling it was bursting out of it and I sure liked that!

The sotong kerabu

La'zzaty Cuisine sotong kerabu

…was good though a tad too sour but it was all right with the rice and everything else mixed together.

I would say their nasi kerabu was good though a little more expensive (RM8.00) than at that other place and I would say also that the latter had a slight edge over the one here but minus all the disappointment, the frustration and the discomfort there, I would much sooner go for this one. Thankfully, it wasn’t anything like the one I had here – if it had been anything like that failed attempt at coming out with the dish, I would rather not eat. That one was a total washout for a nasi kerabu and worse still, it was twice the price.

I did ask about the nasi ulam but from what the guy told me, it seemed like it would just be their nasi campur plus the usual ulam with sambal belacan and there was tempoyak (fermented durian) with a dash of air budu (salted fish sauce) and a sprinkling of fresh chili slices on top. It did not sound anything like the nasi ulam that I’ve seen somewhere online. We’ll see!

LA’ZZATY CUISINE (2.307198, 111.828479) is located along Jalan Tun Abang Haji Openg on the left if you are coming from town, right after the SHELL petrol station, at its junction with Jalan Nibong. The Sibu Buddhist Temple is on your right on the other side of the road.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

10 thoughts on “On the menu…”

  1. This plate of nasi kerabu has very nice combination of colours. It should be sold only on Wednesday as its name suggests…nasi kerabu.

    LOL!!! That’s a good one!

  2. RM8 for nasi kerabu is alright. Normal price over here.

    Long time didn’t have nasi kerabu. Now I am craving after reading this post. Lol.

    It’s 6.50 at that place that we used to frequent, not going there anymore, so pissed off. Often not open, service like a snail, had to wait for so long and now, only on Saturdays.

  3. Now I am drooling over your Nasi Ulam.. Long time I did not eat this type of meal, reminds me of Nasi Kerabu too, must go and eat this one day!

    That’s nasi kerabu! I have not tried the nasi ulam yet!

  4. that looks like a nasi kerabu that’s bursting with flavours as vibrant as its colours – hopefully their nasi ulam will actually turn out to be even better than expected! 😀

    I’m not too sure about it so best not to expect too much so I will not be disappointed.

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