Big daddy…

Every week on  Friday, when my girl comes back to town, she and the mum would go out for some shopping therapy while I would go and have a nap, never mind even if it would be around 2-3.00 p.m. already. These days, the road from Sibu to Selangau and my girl’s school is one helluva horrendous mess and it is very taxing to twist and turn over all the detours, crawling in and out of the potholes. What used to be an over-one-hour journey would now take over two gruelling hours.

Well, the other day, they went to one of the malls in town and she came home with these…


…for our breakfast the next morning – we abstain from meat on Fridays, you see.

This is one of the pizza franchises in town, one being the celebrated one with outlets here, there and everywhere over the country and there is this Sarawak one too – if I am not wrong, other than their outlet here, they have a food truck as well and I think this one is originally from Singapore, affiliated to our Sarawak own fast-food franchise here.

She got herself the chicken pepperoni…

Pezzo chicken pepperoni

…and for me, she got the Big Daddy…

Pezzo Big Daddy

…which, according to the website, is topped with minced beef, turkey ham, Italian sausages, four cheese with a dash of BBQ sauce.

I heated it up in the oven the next morning…

Pezzo Big Daddy, oven-heated

…and gave it a try. I thought it was all right but except for the minced beef, I couldn’t say that I could detect the rest of the aforementioned toppings specifically or maybe it was just me!

I certainly wouldn’t say it swept me off my feet and if I am not mistaken, it did not come cheap, not at all. My girl could not remember how much she paid but as far as I know, they have a promotion right now whereby you pay only RM6.80 each if you buy three slices. That, of course, means that the slices she bought would cost more than RM6.80 since she only bought two…and you can call me ancient, archaic, old-school or whatever but personally, I am all for our own Sibu kompia, deep-fried or oven-toasted, and stuffed with either minced meat of stewed pork…and pay a whole lot less!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “Big daddy…”

  1. With that price for a piece of pezzo pizza, I can have something more fulfilling and satisfying. The pezzo outlet in my area operating not long ago has already call it a day. No business and rental is high.

    I guess they should be doing ok here – their outlets have been around for quite a while now, did not hear of any closing down.

  2. I have seen this outlet at 1 Utama but I have yet to try it. Judging from your experience, hmmm… maybe no need to try. LOL!

    You can try a slice. Jangan tak cuba! I would rate it as being more or less the same as those mini pizzas sold in bakeries, ok, not anything to get me going back for more.

  3. Jay liked their pizza. I think it was too thick. Lol. Thin crust is my cup of tea.

    Some closed down but few maintained in Kuching.

    Did not excite me much, not a fan of the ones at Pizza Hut either but I do enjoy some at the Italian/western restaurants here, some not all and yes, I prefer thin crust too.

  4. Your girl certainly knows how to choose your pizza! You are indeed a Big Daddy to her… taking her every weekend to and fro…

    She’s all heart, very loving and caring…

  5. Those take-home containers are very nice!

    I guess the cost goes into the price one pays for the pizza. Throw-away boxes, not very environment-friendly.

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