Doin’ fine…

Yes, my mint…


…is doing fine. I got some from a friend, my ex-students’ mum/mum-in-law and I planted it in a pot. It flourished so I transplanted some in other pots and the new plants are doing just as well too.

I guess I can use the leaves to make some mint sauce to go with lamb but we hardly ever cook the meat ourselves – we would just eat it outside. So all I can do would be to make mint tea and the other day, I made this very delightful and refreshing aloe vera drink…

Mint and pandan flavoured aloe vera drink

…with lots of mint and pandan leaves added and yes, it turned out really well plus it has a whole lot of health benefits too!

I do have a problem with white spots appearing on some of the leaves though but I would just trim them and get rid of them – a lot more where they came from, the leaves. I also planted some…

More mint

…in my herbs circle…

My herbs circle

…where I have my curry leaves, my dill, Thai basil, sawtooth coriander, wild onion, oregano, chilies, daun hempedu bumi and even daun sup (Chinese celery)…

Daun sup

They say that I must not plant this in the open – they will not thrive well in the sun but my herbs circle is not shaded and yet, it is doin’ fine there.

Of course, the ones I have in the shade – a whole lot in the trough that I used to plant the mother plant plus a pot where I have transplanted a bit…

More daun sup

…are growing like crazy. I bought the seedling (the mother plant) for only RM5.00, truly a worthwhile investment, and there has been no looking back since. For a very long time now, I no longer have to buy from the market anymore where you will get only a few sprigs for RM2.00 and because you do not use so much at one go, you end up throwing away the rest when they have withered even when kept in the fridge.

Unfortunately, I have not been so successful with tomatoes – I’ve bought the seedlings twice, RM5.00 each too but they just dried up and died. Never mind! Life goes on…and I’ll just go on doing what I do best.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “Doin’ fine…”

  1. Wow…. you do have good fingers there! You are a person with many talents. I want to taste some of that aloe vera drink!

    So very easy to make but may be tie-consuming, getting the jelly from the aloe vera leaves.

  2. Loved seeing and hearing about your herbs and plants and the beverages you made with them!

    I’ve got all the time in the world now that I’ve retired.

  3. Big garden you have there with a nice herb circle. I failed few times in planted daun sup. Love the refreshing aloe vera drink but quite a tedious job to get rid of the slimy thingy.

    Yes, need some time to get the jelly out and then rinse thoroughly to get the slime out. Many have told me that their attempts at planting daun sup failed. I had a successful attempt once but it did not reproduce so once we had used up all the leaves, there weren’t anymore. This time around, it’s different, keeps sprouting new ones. So good!

  4. You have quite the green fingers! I like your herb circle. Very nice to have all the herbs at one spot. Your mint appears to be a different variety from the ones commonly sold. I tried planting the Chinese celery but it kept being gobbled up by snails, so I gave up.

    I dunno what variety of mint this is, different from peppermint, I’ve noticed…and I think there is spearmint too. Very fragrant though so I’m not complaining. The best things in life are free. I do not have snails in my garden – once in a very long while, I would spot one and I would throw it to the middle of the road outside. Let’s see how it can crawl back…before it gets run over by passing cars. LOL!!!

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