That’s what he said…

One of my paternal cousins was telling me about this place…

Coffee shop sign

…at the wedding banquet that night. He said that the kampua mee, the pian sip, the Sarawak laksa and the kueh chap from this stall…

Coffee shop stall

…there were all very nice.

Well, actually, we dropped by there once, on a Sunday after the early morning church service, when it first opened – it is a stone’s throw from the Sibu Town Square, originally King George VI Memorial Ground, later Padang Sukan Tun Datuk Patinggi Tuanku Hj Bujang and to be renamed Dataran Tun Tuanku Bujang at the New Year’s Eve Countdown here tonight…

Sibu Town Square

…one of the shops in the first block on your left if you are heading down that road where De’House Hotel and Bakemore Bakery are, on your right and this coffee place is right behind these two places while this place is right ahead, round the corner. However, it was so very crowded and we did not know what was nice and my head was spinning in the midst of all that commotion so we decided to adjourn elsewhere.

I was early that morning so there were not that many people at the time. The kopi-o-peng/iced black coffee (RM1.60)…


…was just all right – there are others that are nicer elsewhere but maybe, not at that price. It usually costs RM1.80 a glass around here.

I had the kueh chap special (RM8.00)…

Kueh chap special 1

…but I did not know what exactly was special about it. Maybe it was a bigger bowl or there were more added ingredients and I was given one whole egg – elsewhere, they would give you half only, usually.

Yes, it was very nice – not quite like the usual kueh chap here, there and everywhere but it seemed to have a distinct taste of its own and yes, I did like it and I was glad they used the kueh, those broad rice sheets…

Kueh chap special 2

…unlike the last time I had it here – they took the liberty of substituting it with kway teow without asking me first if I would mind that. Of course, that got me quite pissed off. I was a regular there at one time but for various other reasons – this being one of them, I have not been going there much anymore these days.

I wouldn’t say it was so nice that I would be running back for more especially at that price – RM8.00 to me is rather steep when I can get a lot of other things that may be nicer even for a whole lot less…but I probably would stop by again sometime to try something else instead.

I heard the Chinese ladies conversing very fluently in ethnic Iban language and I could guess right away that they were not locals – probably from one of the towns upriver and true enough, when I asked one of them, she said that she was from Kanowit.

By the time I was done, the crowd had started coming and the tables were running out so I left quickly to give way to the new-comers.

This coffee shop (2.290717, 111.822459) is located near the Sibu Town Square/Dataran Tun Tuanku Bujang at Jalan Lau King Howe Lorong 1, facing the Lau King Howe Memorial Museum which is on the opposite side of the road.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “That’s what he said…”

  1. Sometimes I like to eat Kueh Chap, I can have two bowls of the Kueh hee hee and usually I would order pork belly, intestines and egg, I don’t quite like or enjoy Tau Pok so usually I opt that out

    I can’t say I’m fond of it either, the tofu pok, but my girl loves it!

  2. i can’t read chinese, so whenever i see a shop with a chinese-language signboard, i always wonder what it says (or what it translates into) 😀

    It’s Greek to me too! We’re birds of the same feather, all bananas. LOL!!!

  3. It would be weird to see kway teow in kueh chap broth instead of broad rice sheet. RM8 for your bowl of kueh chap is rather expensive.

    Happy New Year 2019 to you and your loved ones.

    Thanks and the same to you and yours.

    Well, that very very very popular place in town did that – so pissed off. Things there getting more and more expensive, not really nice some…so we hardly ever go anymore.

  4. In Penang “special” usually just means more ingredients, not so sure about here.

    Yes, here too! The regular would be around RM5-6, smaller bowl, less…and fewer pieces of meat and innards…and half an egg!

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