Thank you, next…

I did mention in my post the other day that it’s the season for people to get married and  last Saturday night, I was invited to the wedding reception of another ex-student of mine, Alan, who tied the knot with his lovely bride, Eileen, that day…

Stage backdrop

…at the Jasmine Ballroom…

Door gift

…at this hotel…

RH Hotel, Sibu

…in the town centre.

It so happened that it coincided with the Annual Christmas Procession here starting at the Sibu Town Square, right behind the hotel, that same evening around the same time. For fear of not being able to find a place to park the car, I went very early and since I was extra early, I went for a shampoo at a salon in the vicinity so if you think that my hair looked kind of different in this photo…

My boys and I

…you are absolutely right. Good grief! With the mousse and the hair spray used, it was as hard as a rock, so hard that I was pretty sure it would not budge, not even a bit, if I had walked through a typhoon. LOL!!!

With me in the photograph were Moses and Jacky, Alan’s classmates and another one came later but I did notice a lot of empty seats at so many tables – probably many could not find a place to park their cars for the aforementioned reason and decided to just go home.

People kept saying that the food at this hotel was not very nice but what we were served that night were pretty decent, starting with this sio pua (hot dish)…

Sio pua

…and yes, there were more than four in the so-called Four Seasons dish.

The lights were kind of dim and for reasons unknown, at times they would turn the lights down and it would get quite dark and at other times, they would turn the lights up. For this reason, I was too lazy to take the chance and snap photographs of all the dishes but this fish…


..sure deserved special mention. No, it was not curry and yes, there were a lot of herbs used in the cooking – I could detect the whiff of the fragrance as soon as it was served, something like that of Penang assam laksa and everyone enjoyed it very much. I must say it was a welcome change from the usual curry fish or curry fish head.

This was their roast chicken and duck combo…

Chicken & duck

…and I enjoyed their or nee (yam paste)…

Or nee

…that we had for dessert at the end of the dinner and the mochi by the side was good too.

Service was great and for once, I was glad that the waiter did not come and fill my glass of iced water with Sprite – quite a few at my table was having that. It had happened before where they would just come with a jug of that fizzy drink and they would just randomly fill all the clear-looking glasses with it.

Thank you so much, Alan and Eileen…

Alan & Eileen

…for the invitation. Congratulations once again and may God bless you two with years and years of endless joy and love ahead…and yes, it was great seeing my boys again albeit only a few of them. Ok, who’s next? I guess you will find out soon enough…in the next few days.

Author: suituapui

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10 thoughts on “Thank you, next…”

  1. Congrats to the couple, I love to attend wedding dinners to soak in the atmosphere and joy around, that night when I attended my youngest sis’s wedding dinner, I can say I am the happiest elder sis that night

    Thanks. Oh? You still have sisters getting married? You must be really young then.

  2. Congrats to the couple! Was it necessary to use so much mousse and hair spray on your hair? These products are not healthy for the hair I heard unless they are made from special organic ingredients and whatnots.

    Thank you. You will have to ask the salon people that – I do not use those stuff and I quickly washed them out of my hair the moment I got home. That is why my hair will be a mess the instant I walk out the door, not that I have that much left. There are organic ones too?

    1. A google search for “organic hair spray” resulted in a list of products. Same case for “organic mousse” so the answer is yes there are organic ones too I guess.

      Ok, maybe I can look out for it, can always give it a try.

  3. Congrats to the newly wed. Usually mousse and spray are used for people with perm curly hair and when they blow their hair they need these mousse and spray to hold and keep them in place.

    Thanks. Used to perm my hair in my younger days, not actually dropping but very sparse, took after my mum, and the stylist said it would give it volume, make it look more. Don’t bother anymore these days.

  4. Congrats to the newlywed.

    Mochi for dessert! I like that.

    Thanks. The mochi was good that night, not like what I had at another place/hotel restaurant not too long ago.

  5. Congratulations to the lovely couple.

    It tickles me that you went for a shampoo yet you need to quickly wash your hair the moment you get home. Haha. But looking good there Arthur.

    Thanks. Yes, imagine all the chemicals in my hair! Sighhhh!!! God works in mysterious ways. When one grows old, one grows fatter in the middle…but thinner on top. LOL!!!

  6. “With the mousse and the hair spray used, it was as hard as a rock, so hard that I was pretty sure it would not budge, not even a bit, if I had walked through a typhoon.” HAHAHAH!! I just LOL! Your statement is so humor.
    Usually hotel food not as nice as Chinese Restaurant. But nvm la…its not we gonna eat that everyday also kan.

    Muahahahaha!!! You find that funny, eh? LOL!!! Ya, usually the case…kind of toned down, hotel food…and more expensive some more.

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