All day long…

This was when the ladies were out of town and I was on my own that night. I happened to be walking past the coffee shop and I noticed that the stall was open…

Kiong Chuong chu char stall

Gee!!! They sure keep very long hours, the people here – it looks like they are open all day long from around 8.00 a.m. in the morning till God-knows-what-time at night. If I am not mistaken, they are closed on Tuesdays, just one day in a week.

So far we had been here around lunchtime only and so far, we had had to stick to the dishes that were gluten-free. I had my eyes on their stewed pork…

Kiong Chuong stewed pork
*Archive photo*

…the first time I was here but I had never ordered it because of the soy sauce.

Well, since I was alone that night, I wasted no time in ordering that…

Stewed pork, sliced

…but I can’t say that it swept me off my feet. I was wishing they had given me a lot more of the fat…

Mostly lean

…instead of all that lean and taking into consideration the taste as well, I would much sooner go for the stewed pork leg here – I certainly would enjoy that a lot more.

I spotted the fried pork ribs…

Pork ribs

…in the cabinet and decided to give it a try. Well, it was all right – it sure did not get me jumping with delight and generally, I would prefer to order spare ribs or what they call in Hokkien, pai kut ong as that would be all meat, no bones.

The long beans fried with egg…

Long beans with egg

…was so very fragrant – how come we do not get that when we fry our own at home, I wonder. I would prefer slicing the vegetable more thinly though so it would be much easier to chew.

I don’t know if they thought the ladies would show up later or what but the servings were rather big for one person and they did give me two sets of the fork and spoon initially…or maybe, like some places, the smallest serving they would serve would be for two persons. That was why it came as no surprise at all that the total came up to a whooping RM20.00, inclusive of one plate of rice. I guess that was quite reasonable considering that there was enough food for two or three persons but since I was alone, I could not help thinking of some of the nice things I could go for elsewhere with that kind of money and enjoy a lot more.

SYARIKAT KIONG CHUONG CAFE (2.291062, 111.827381) is located along Jalan Kampung Nyabor at the bend where one turns left or right when coming from Brooke Drive, a stone’s throw from Malaysia Hotel in the next block.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “All day long…”

  1. 3 dishes only, right? If the portion of each dish is for 2pax then I think RM20 is justifiable.

    They did give me two sets of fork and spoon but only one plate of rice later. Definitely enough for 2, good for 3 even. Maybe that was why I noticed those eating along ordering just one dish to go with one plate of rice – they probably know better.

  2. Both the meat dishes looks good. For the vegetable dish, the eggs seems invisible.

    No problem with the egg and there was that nice wok hei smell but I would like it to be sliced more thinly…and actually, I had expected an omelette with thinly-sliced long beans like how I would cook it at home.

  3. Hm…one person eating very hard to order… Looks like that restaurant very rajin open such long hours

    Indeed! If I am not mistaken, they do have that one dish thing that they serve at a lot of places here – you order a plate of rice and they cook a dish of your choice, say sweet and sour pork and they serve it on top of by the side. I should have gone for that, so greedy – wanted everything. LOL!!! Yes, I do not know of any that opens all day long – many will close after lunch, latest by 2 if they open all morning and may or may not open anymore for the rest of the day…and others open only at night.

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