Black magic…

My sister dropped by my house that day to pass me this…


…box of cream puffs…

Cream puffs

…from this place


It has been around for a while now but I have never been there myself.

The vanilla ones (RM2.00 each)…


…were nice, not sweet – just right and the matcha ones (over RM2.00 each)…


…were pretty good too and that sure is saying a lot for someone who is not a fan of anything green tea. Yes, it is not sweet as well and I liked how it is not so strong on the green tea taste and is just a little bit bitter so little that one would hardly notice.

I particularly loved the crusty top…

Crusty top

…which, to me,  is something very unique and makes their cream puffs different from all the rest that I had had before.

From what I heard, they specially picked a day last week to make these puffs, 200 only and within an hour, they were all sold out. I guess for reasons unknown, they do not make them all the time on a regular basis.

BLACK PASTRY (2.282100,111.842110) is located at Lot 44, Floor 1, Lorong 2A, Jalan Aman.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “Black magic…”

  1. I find the crusty top very unique too, not seen here. Any idea how they did it? Is it caramelized sugar – the crusty top?

    No, it’s not sugar – some kind of pastry crumb or cereal thing, I reckon. Dunno exactly but it was nice.

  2. ooo, these puffs look very well done – i like how they’re generous with the cream stuffing, which looks luscious. black magic is an interesting name for a pastry shop 😀

    It’s Black Pastry – I guess that’s inspired by that charcoal pastries and bread thing, not that I am crazy about the colour. There is a line of fragrances named Black Magic, I remember – for men too.

  3. From the title of this post, I thought it was something related to black magic and I was totally wrong. Those puffs are nicely done, in a way different from others especially the crusty top which I have never seen or come across at any bakery shop I have patronised.

    I would think the title sounds intriguing, something mysterious and exciting. LOL!!! Gotta say these cream puffs were the best I’ve ever had…but at RM2.00 or more each, I sure would not be running back for more.

  4. I’ve never seen crusty top cream puffs. Nowadays they have different fillings, too.

    My first time too, and yes, it does push the puffs to a whole new level. Nice.

  5. the pictures of the cream puffs look good. You do great justice to good food 🙂 .. now I have a craving for cream puffs.

    I love the ones with fresh durian cream – they sell those at the stalls at many malls over at your side, not here. Sobssss!!!!

  6. Not a big fan of cream puff. The last time I tasted was few weeks ago. A friend bought. Forget where it is from. Taka I think. My kids not keen on these so I had to finish them myself.

    So far, we only had one place with very very good cream puffs – I think they were just RM1 or less each and I would buy one whole tray to serve as dessert at our sit-down dinners at home when I had guests. For reasons unknown, it closed down (now MyChef Restaurant, to the left of Delta Mall). All the rest from the other bakeries weren’t anything to shout about – never went to buy more but this one’s very good, just that the price is on the high side…so I wouldn’t want to go there and grab more either, when available.

  7. Wow that looks amazing, 200 only now thats something special

    I know one place where the cream puffs are good, 3 something for a pack or 3 so it is only a little over a ringgit but they are ordinary cream puffs. These “branded” ones are a bit too pricey for me.

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