‘Tis the season…

…to get married and the very next day after I went to my ex-student’s (SMK Kanowit, 1978-1992) eldest daughter’s wedding banquet here, I attended another one here…

Wedding cake

– my ex-student at Chung Hua, Sibu (1983-1991), later my colleague, tied the knot so of course, many of my ex-students, her classmates, were there too. I had a snapshot taken with the boys…

With my ex-students, boys

…and if you think I looked sleepy and tired, as a matter of fact, I was! It had been a long day – I was out with the ladies and after lunch, we went to see a movie so I did not have the chance to enjoy the luxury of my usual afternoon nap and soon after we got home, I had to get ready and go to the venue early as parking can be such a pain around that hotel. I must say I was immensely flattered as I was the only one of their many former teachers over their years in school invited to the dinner.

It rained after the movie but luckily, by the time I got there, it had stopped and the evening, though a bit gloomy, was nice and cool…

Evening, Sibu

The first dish was the leng pua (cold dish)…

Leng pua

Here, for our Chinese sit-down dinners/banquets, we have a choice between hot or cold and never mind which one we pick, there will always be more than just four in the platter unlike the Four Seasons one would see elsewhere.

The second dish was the dry/fried version of the not-to-be named dish so of course, I did not take a photograph of it. I wish people would request for a change in the set menu and have that replaced with something more acceptable.

The sweet and sour fish head…

Sweet and sour fish head

…was great and so was the steamed/baked herbal chicken…

Chicken 1

…wrapped in aluminium foil…

Chicken 2

This was probably sea cucumber…

Sea cucumber

…but it was overloaded with msg so I just had a bit and that was it – I sure liked the one I had the previous night a lot more.

After that came this yam basket…

Yam basket

…but no, I was already quite full by then so I hardly touched that. I bet there would be a lot of msg in it too.

Well, to give credit where credit is due, their Chinese pancake with mung bean filling…

Chinese pancake and mochi

…was really good, much nicer than the one I had the night before but the mochi was kind of disappointing as the texture was not quite there.

After that came the fruit platter and that was it, only six dishes excluding the desserts – this seems to be the regular thing these days but we did not have prawns! Hmmmmm!!! Anyway, I was already filled to the brim…and the dishes were extremely slow in coming out so much so that after the first few dishes, my brain had already received the signals telling me that I was already full and I just could not eat anymore.

I had a good time though – it sure was great getting to see my ex-students again and also my ex-colleagues (Sacred Heart, Sibu, 1992-2007). Thank you for the invitation, Sze Nee and my heartiest congratulations to you and your hubby, may God bless the two of you with endless love and everlasting happiness in the years ahead. Cheers!!!

THE LOONG JIN RESTAURANT GRAND BALLROOM is located at Level 1 of the Tanahmas Hotel (2.288121, 111.830214), Lot 277, Block 5, Jalan Kampung Nyabor.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

11 thoughts on “‘Tis the season…”

  1. I got two wedding events to attend this weekend. Really tis the season… lol! No matter how full I am, I usually stayed until the last dish which is the dessert! 😀

    Yes, usually everyone does except for those out of town who would have to drive a long way in the dark to get home – they may leave a little early. Oh? So many weddings. You’re married yet? Or still single and available?

  2. This happy season will continue right till CNY, after that it will slow down a bit. All the dishes and dessert looks good but sometimes looks can be deceiving. Anyway, the taste is still in the mouth.

    Yes, the Chinese have this thing about chua sim pu into the house before the festival. Yours already or not?

    Yes, presentation is important but it is not everything. Some may not look all that nice especially at places where the business is so very good, no time to bother about presentation but the taste can be out of this world.

  3. I miss these multi course meals here. The cold dish looks quite different from the ones of yesteryear.

    Yes, the ones in the old days were quite different – I remember they had char siew pig’s tongue and I loved it so much! LOL!!!

  4. So far no wedding invitations for us. Haha. I always enjoy wedding dinner.

    I’m too old for these now – after 4 nights in a row, eating and sleeping late, I was so exhausted! LOL!!!

  5. December is always the popular month for weddings! Restaurants are mostly fully booked during the weekends. I am sure you are getting a lot of invites especially from your many ex-students!

    Yes, on good days. Parking can be such a problem…and it will affect the small businesses in the vicinity, rampant illegal parking all over so they may not get that many customers. Not that many, many will not bother to invite me except for a handful of good ones.

  6. Such a joyous occasion and you are so blessed to be in the hearts of so many ex-students.

    They actually still serve that ‘not to mention’ dish? Over here, it can hardly be seen on the dinner table anymore much to my delight.

    Yes. I guess not everybody is aware of…or sensitive to the issue…like how dog’s meat is still a delicacy in “some countries”, regardless. Gross opulence, just for show – that thing is actually tasteless. The dish will taste the same, with or without it.

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