Father’s daughter…

My ex-student invited me to his eldest daughter’s wedding banquet at a leading hotel here one beautiful evening last week…

Beautiful evening

– he is blessed with two very handsome sons and three pretty daughters, so one down, four more to go! LOL!!!

Of course, he invited many of his ex-classmates, many of whom were my students when I was teaching in Kanowit (1978-1982)…


…and two of my ex-colleagues…


…as well.

The food was great starting with the sio pua (hot dish), our version of the Four Seasons…

Sio pua

…and as always, we have more than four. With the bubbling thick sauce poured over everything in the dish, I would say it was something like the very popular poon choy that I had once in the peninsula.

I was glad that they decided to do away with the not-to-be-named soup and had this very nice chicken and fish maw soup…

Chicken & fish maw soup


This is my favourite dish here, their duck…


…stuffed with glutinous rice…


…and the steamed fish…


…whatever fish that was, was very good too.

The braised sea cucumber…

Sea cucumber

…was awesome, very nicely done and the creamy butter prawns…


…as well but I’ve often wondered why they would always keep the crustaceans till last. More often than not, by that time, I would be so very full, bursting at the seams already and even though I would want to eat a lot more, I just could not possibly do so.

Dessert was some fried Chinese pancake with mung bean paste inside…

Chinese pancake
*Ex-student’s photo*

…and this peach and longan combo…

Peach & longan

– the favourite of many during my younger days. I remember the time when we would sit through the 12-course Chinese dinner waiting anxiously for this dessert dish to be served and we sure enjoyed that so much. Sadly, kids these days would not even give it a second glance and would be quite happy pre-occupied with their smartphones.

Yes, the food was very good that night but I do think they need to do something about those part-time waiters and waitresses that they would engage for these grand functions, the wallflowers…standing idling by the side of the ballroom and each time, I needed a refill, my glass of iced water, I would have to get up and get it myself. Tsk! Tsk!

Thank you so much, Hoi Kian, for remembering your old teacher and inviting me to your daughter’s wedding. Congratulations to the couple and also to the proud and happy parents, God bless, all, always. Cheers!!!

THE KINGWOOD BALLROOM (2.2832589,111.8327029) is located on the 6th floor of the Kingwood Hotel at No. 12. Lorong Lanang 4. 

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

13 thoughts on “Father’s daughter…”

  1. that looks like a fun table of people to be on for the dinner! 😀

    No, not that much fun, not like another one where the booze kept flowing…and the faces were all blushing…and everyone was a lot more animated, talking a lot more loudly! LOL!!!

  2. All the dishes looks so good. Usually the waiters and waitresses will go round filling the glass to the brim.

    Yes, in the past, they would go round and round when they were not serving the food, filling everyone’s glasses to the brim. I hated it when they filled my glass of plain water with 7-up, did not bother to ask. Part-timers, school students…not properly trained and not paid well either. At least they served and distributed the food well – I’ve seen some who could not even do that. Spilled everything everywhere.

  3. I had a wonderful dinner with schoolmates and teachers.Glad to see you !😃😃

    Yes, I do love all our get-togethers each and everytime, even though I may not remember all the names and some may not look that familiar, all mature, more handsome or beautiful now. I sure look forward to more in the days to come.

  4. What a feast. The duck, the chicken soup. Very grand and fit for a wedding.

    Congrats to the newly weds. Nice to catch up on your ex-students.

    Thank you. Yes, I sure enjoyed the dinner…and getting together with everybody there that night.

  5. All the dishes look very good! I am like you, I keep going even when bursting at the seams LOL!

    Bad! Bad! I guess we’re birds of the same feather, never know when to stop. LOL!!!

  6. What beautiful skies you captured. We haven’t seen too many of those lately over here. It is raining most afternoons.

    Yes, I think a lot of people over at your side have been moaning and groaning about the weather there.

  7. Congratulations to the newly weds! The food served looks so good and different, especially the duck stuffed with glutinous rice! Yummy!!

    Thank you. Yes, it was really good that night – I guess it depends on the package one picks, the more expensive the better.

  8. The chicken and fish maw soup, the poon choy, all look so good. So nice that you and your ex-students and ex-colleagues still keep in touch.

    Yes, most grateful for that. Sure makes one feel appreciated.

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