If I had a million…

There is a rather popular Hokkien song entitled “若是我有一百万 or literally translated, If I had a million. Unfortunately, that is something I can only dream of…but looking at the volume of business the people here…

Milliob Cafe

…seem to enjoy every day, they would have made their first million a long time ago already, I’m sure.

This is one of my niece’s favourite places in town, the one working in Singapore and every time she comes back to town, she would go and eat there and as far as I know, she loves the prawns…

Giant freshwater prawns

…no, not those small seawater prawns but the huge freshwater udang galah (bamboo prawns) or what we call in Hokkien, tua thow hay (big-headed prawns) that cost a bomb if you go and buy them at the wet market, what more to say, if you go and eat them at a restaurant.

Well, we went there the other evening and ordered those for our dinner. Those were the medium-sized ones, just four of them, that I used to buy at RM45.00 a kilo but ever since it shot up to RM60.00, I had stopped buying. I guess if I had a million, I would not give buying these prawns a second thought, not at all.

We also had our usual, the Sibu Foochow-style tofu soup with canned oysters…

Tofu soup with canned oysters

…and they do it really well here – exactly the way it should be, very authentic and I could detect the fragrance and taste of the oysters in it. They do not add so much at some other places here and some would even add other ingredients like thin strips of Chinese cabbage, carrot and what not and that would affect the taste, not quite like the real thing.

I did not know why the cangkuk manis fried with egg…

Cangkuk manis with egg

…took a long time to appear – I do not think it would be that difficult to cook but come to think of it, everything took quite a while and one would need to be quite patient to go and eat here. Yes, even before sundown, at 5 something in the evening, there will be a lot of people there already and from the bags and bags of stuff lined up on the counter, one would know that many had (probably called and) ordered all those dishes to take home for dinner.

We also had this fried pork marinated with tauju ( 豆腐乳/fermented bean curd)…

Tauju pork

…and this much I would say, that it was probably the best I ever had around here. I could actually detect the taste of the fermented bean curd and we all loved it!

It certainly was a very nice dinner and another reason for its popularity would probably be because it is inexpensive to come and eat here – what we had that night, inclusive of rice and drinks came up to RM57.00 only and we had those giant prawns…plus parking is a breeze. We certainly wouldn’t mind dropping by here again.

MILLION CAFE (2.307090,111.840880) is located at the commercial area in  Rejang Park, Jalan Teruntum, facing the very big car park area at the back of the shops, beside the Sibu Volleyball Association Stadium and the surau.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

10 thoughts on “If I had a million…”

  1. These are my kind of dishes and it is cheaper than yesterday one. This time only RM57 for all those lovely plus the huge udang galah. I wonder how much does that 4 huge udang galah cost?

    I did not ask but at another place, I was asked if I wanted prawns in my claypot yam, RM20.00 each, don’t play play!!! Not sure about the size though – maybe bigger.

    Compared to yesterday, this one has two meat including the expensive prawns, one veg and one soup but yesterday’s total included the drinks – I paid separately here, RM6 altogether.

  2. Fried pork with fermented bean curd must be good, I would like to try that. We seldom take prawns, only on special occasion.

    I will go and buy and enjoy sometimes but these days, I am too lazy to go out so early to the wet market – no traffic jam, easy parking and no parking fee befor e8 a.m. – so we do not get to eat so often anymore. Yes, the pork was good – very near your sister-in-law’s shop before, so surprised you had never been here.

    1. The shop facing parking lot at the back, right? If that the one, I have been there twice. Not bad, cheap too.

      That’s the one, the not-so-big corner shop…back to back with the corner shop selling tee piang in the morning…and fried kway teow on a hot plate, end of block from your SIL’s shop. Eat there, harap2 will be millionaire, tak ada pun! Sobsssss!!!!!

  3. Goodness me! Only RM57.00 including those prawns. Oh yes, I remember that Hokkien song 🙂

    There is a draw tonight! Get down on your knees and pray for me…na see gua oo chi pak ban!!!

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