I hear them say…

They said that the satay here…

ARS satay

…was the best in town so of course, I wanted to give it  a try. However, we were too early the last time we dropped by here


…so we had the satay from another stall which turned out to be pretty good as well. We did not have our dinner after the heavy burger meal we had that day so after the 7.30 p.m. service in conjunction with All Saints’ Day, we stopped by there for supper.

The ladies ordered the teh tarik from the drinks stall beside the satay stall and I went to this one…

BRO aiskrim gula apong

…next to it to order the gula apong ice cream, large (RM5.00)…

MUC gula apong ice cream, large

…and yes, it was very nice…

MUC gula apong ice cream

…as nice as the one that I liked a lot here.

It was getting late, almost 9.00 p.m. and they had run out of lamb so we just settled for the beef (RM1.00 each) and the chicken (60 sen each)…

ARS beef & chicken satay with ketupat

Of course, they were cheaper than the very nice ones here but the sticks were very much smaller.


ARS beef & chicken satay

…tasted great – different from the rest, probably due to the way they marinated the meat though to me, the beef was a little bit tough, not as tender as I would like it and what I liked was they were very generous with the peanut sauce – other than what came in the food tray, they gave us some more in a bowl and the nice lady said that we could ask for more should we so desire.

Well, it was a nice enough supper and having had our fill, we made our way home. It sure had been a long day from the time we left home in the morning to go all the way to get my girl from her school in the jungle.

The DEWAN MUC HAWKER STALLS (2.313658, 111.825056) are located along Jalan Jasmin, off Jalan Bandong, more or less opposite the primary school there, on your left if you turn left into that road from Bandong Walk.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “I hear them say…”

  1. As much as I love satay but will only eat once in a long long time. Come to think of it, it reminds me of the charcoal dust flying and landed on the satay. For one thing, I simply love the ketupat to go with the peanut satay sauce.

    Then you will have to find those cooked on an electric grill but of course, that is not nice…but actually, it is not the charcoal…or whatever dust you are talking about but the charred edges, the caramelised and burnt sugar, that are bad for health. The place we always go for the big sticks of satay – they do not do it so well as the satay is not charred. Thankfully, the marinades save the day so they are very nice. I read somewhere that one barbecued chicken wing = 8 sticks of cigarettes, much worse if charred, never mind whether you use charcoal or whatever to grill..

  2. always nice of the lady to offer more peanut sauce. Sometimes when I have satay, I prefer the peanut sauce to the meat itself! 🙂

    Oh dear! They wouldn’t like that, no money from the sauce. LOL!!!

  3. I don’t like tough beef satay. Make my poor teeth painful only. ^^ If to choose, I go for lamb than beef.

    But satay is a nice supper. I don’t mind having it for supper.

    The ladies were fine with it – they said it was not tough. Maybe my 66-year old teeth aren’t as strong as they were before anymore. LOL!!! We wanted lamb but they were sold out – around 9 already – I guess they do not open very late…and it was a weekday.

  4. I love to eat satay a lot, especially pork satay with a bit of fats, not easy to find satay nearby my house so I have to Newton Circle if I want to eat satay.

    Oh! That place! Never been since 1980 when I went with my parents and came down with food poisoning, my dad and I – we took turns in the toilet all night long till morning. Used to stay at Hotel Asia, walking distance to the hawker centre.

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