Fuel to the flame…

It was already 3.00 p.m. when we got back into town that day after picking my girl from her school in the jungle and of course, she was famished by then and when I asked her what she wanted to eat, she said she would like the chili chicken cheese fries (RM9.00)…

Fuel Shack chili chicken cheese fries

…from here…

Fuel Shack inside entrance

This place has been around for quite sometime now and I do recall when it first opened, a friend went right away and he shared his version of their slogan…

Fuel Shack Come hungry, leave happy

…on Facebook – “Come hungry, leave angry!” It seemed that the service was really bad so he was quite pissed off by it.

In the meantime, my girl had been there a few times…

Fuel Shack scooter

…and she did buy some of the stuff from there for me to try.

Of course I had never been there myself as I am never into any of those franchise places but that day, I decided to stop by so my girl could enjoy eating the fries there – I am sure those would be a lot nicer eaten there, piping hot from the kitchen.

The members of the staff were very nice and friendly…

Fuel Shack counter

…though I was wishing they could be a bit better with their calculations. My girl went to place the orders and came to where we were sitting. Then they said that they had given her the wrong change and upon checking, yes, they had given her more than they should so she returned to them the excess.

They did not give her the cashier’s chit from the till so I went to ask for it – they had to key in everything again to print it out and they discovered that they had charged RM2.10 short. I quickly took the chit, gave them RM2.20 (I did not have a 10 sen coin) and told them to keep the change. I wouldn’t want to risk anything further lest I would have to fork out some more for our orders. Tsk! Tsk!

My girl also had their beef patty with buttered rice…

Fuel Shack beef patty with buttered rice

…and upon checking the chit, I noticed that they had keyed in “fried chicken w/buttered rice” (RM13.00) – I wonder if that was the reason why the second time around, the total was RM2.10 more but never mind.

I did tell my girl not to order that as in making patties and meat balls, one would usually add bread crumbs to hold the meat together but she insisted on taking the risk and threw caution to the wind and went ahead with her plan. After all, she had not had burgers for a long long time as they are not gluten free, the bread especially.

Halfway through, she found that a section of it was not well cooked, still red – there is every possibility that they did not defrost it properly and went ahead and fried it so the part that was still frozen did not cook so well. I told her to take it back and complain – after all, it was not all that cheap – but no, she’s never the type to do such a thing so she just ate it like that, medium rare. Luckily, nothing happened after that.

The mum had the original Shack beef burger (RM14.90)…

Original Shack beef burger

…and my girl got the lamb supreme (RM17.50)…

Fuel Shack lamb supreme and fries

…for me. Yes, it was very nice, the patty, that is…

Fuel Shack lamb supreme

…but I am not all that fond of the bun they used – I do not know which bakery they got them from or whether they came from the franchise owner but it would get sort of mushy or something like that upon eating and I am never fond of bread like that.

After we had had our fill, we left happily – well, my girl was happy and as long as she is happy, I am happy too…but considering that the total, inclusive of drinks and SST, came up to over RM70, I couldn’t help thinking of the many nice places around town that we could go to with that kind of money and have something more substantial and a whole lot more pleasurable than just burgers.

FUEL SHACK is located on the ground floor of the Sarawak House Shopping Complex (2.289573, 111.829893) at the traffic lights junction of Jalan Lanang/Jalan Kpg Nyabor and Jalan Central.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “Fuel to the flame…”

  1. The chili chicken cheese fries look tasty! I can understand her cravings because sometimes I crave for kimchi fries too.

    She loves anything potatoes…and deep fried too.

  2. Once in a while, I like to eat burgers for a change

    Not me. May just grab one for convenience sake, e.g. while waiting for a flight at the airport.

  3. The patty looks really juicy and as a cheese lover, I am sure I like that piece of cheese added. I agree with that price you can have something more substantial to eat more than just burgers.

    I guess once in a long while is fine, especially when it makes my girl happy.

  4. We get what they call loaded chips here, that is, chips with melted cheese and bits of meat or chicken. Quite nice.

    Yes, this is nice…but I thought RM9 was a little steep but never mind! As long as it is something my girl can eat and she enjoys it!

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